Green horses and needing to be smarter

One thing that is really important to me with green horses is that they learn to jump the jumps without and refusals. I don’t care if we walk over but habits are so hard to break. I believe Rosey arrived with some habits of her own and she is quickly learning I am not so kind to bratty behavior.

Yes, she is green but when you have jumped a jump already there is no excuse and then you get in trouble 🙂 For the most part I try to look straight with a bit of wide hands and channel the horse down between the hands and legs. Forward..forward..forward and then straight. She can pop out left or right so tricky in that she isn’t predictable with her answers.

Started with just an x-rail which she did really nicely which is already a huge improvement! Then moved to the x-rail with brush under it which she tried to run out of to the right but quickly got an opening left rein, stick on the right side and big boot on the right side. She went almost sideways before I got her back left again and we walked over the jump. I gave her a bit of a smack behind the leg just for being behind my leg and not thinking forward.

She got it nicely on the reapproach!

Next was the barrel jump and I had him take the rail off first and she ran between the barrel and the standard. Okay, no punishment for that steering is tough on a baby. Pole back up and reapproach. She tried to stop but I kicked and she walked over!!!! Rosey…such a silly girl!

Man, that is a funny picture. Riding green horse sure makes for some stupid pictures. I was staying behind her and ready for whatever she did. She did jump it the next time but no pic. She was good and I wanted to keep the session short so I ended up doing the two x-rails as a finish and gave her lots of pats. The ground is rock hard and she is barefoot so part of the funky jumping is most likely related to that. It rained all around us but we didn’t get a drop!


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