What a weekend of highs and lows. I had an awesome lesson on my horse with Becky Holder. He was jumping good and felt awesome. We are finally coming together. Drive up to Plantation Field and he is relaxed as can be. Go to warm up and he is not himself. Stopping like he has to pee, not wanting to walk or trot and ears straight back. I try a bit of canter in 2pt to stretch him and buck, buck and buck. He was hurting and something wasn’t right so I scratched. I think he must have just gotten tight in his back because I can’t find anything else. I will have the chiro come out and look at him but he was jumping so big he might have just gotten a bit sore.

Rosey is steadily improving which is what I like to see. One student hacked her yesterday lightly..she really needs shoes on! Today after a long night at the hospital with my grandfather I asked another student to ride her as I just wasn’t feeling up to it. Amanda is tall and skinny mostly legs so good to see how Rosey looks with a taller rider. Rosey was really getting the concept of the jumps. We are just doing singles and trotting in to everything focusing on keeping her straight. She still has a run out but with Rosey it can be left or right so quite complicated to predict what she will do. I am okay with this though because she is getting way better! She was really bold to the fences today which is exactly what I want to see. She jumped the scary stuff (barrels, straw and brick wall) the first time but then refused the second time πŸ™‚ What a silly girl.

She is really cute with her knees and is going to be quite fancy as she keeps improving. I am going to take her up for the hunter trainer to see if she has any clients that may be interested. I think she will clean up in the hunters.


2 responses to “Improvement!

  1. wouldn’t she be a cute small junior? πŸ™‚ moves just right, imo πŸ™‚

  2. She sure would! My student is tall and leggy but doesn’t look to big on her. I would say she is 5’8″ perhaps. The bigger the jump the better she jumps.

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