My grandfather passed away early Tuesday morning. It has been a tough time for the family but as always I find comfort in my horses. Last night I really didn’t feel like riding but once I got out to the barn I thought a ride was just what I needed.

Kurt tacked up Charlie and I was on Rosey. I know Kelly loved trail riding Rosey and I loved all the stories on her blog. Sure enough Rosey led the way on a complete new set of trails. I just let her go and she ambled through the woods just as happy as can be. She was eager to go but not really fast just happy. When we got out to the open fields she relaxed into a slower walk. Kurt had never ridden Charlie before so the goal was just to walk/trot and relax a bit.

We had a nice trot and I was asking Rosey to frame up a bit and she was eager to please which was super to see. At one point Charlie cantered off on Kurt and I could see he was a bit in a panic (Kurt that is). He doesn’t know Charlie and because he knew I said to be careful to not put to much pressure on the reins he was afraid to use enough and they cantered a few 100 feet before he got him to the trot. It was all very calm but I was a bit nervous for him. Rosey was super good at just trotting along even though Charlie had cantered way off in front of her. I think she was wondering why I wouldn’t let her canter but she was okay to listen.

She doesn’t look at a thing out there and is so brave. I think you really have to ride her to appreciate her. I don’t have a lot of mares although I do like them. I think this mare could convert even the non mare lovers.


One response to “Therapy

  1. So sorry to hear about your grandfather. Horses really are good therapy for when you’re sad.

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