Updates on former horses- Dixie and Indy

It seriously just made my day when I got an email from Dixie’s new owner. I had him over a year and it is hard not to get attached especially as he and I had amazing times in the hunt field. Each time after I hunted him I thought about how lucky I was to have such a lovely horse to ride. He was just always so willing and behaved in the hunt field which is not an easy feat when it super cold, the hounds are running and you are stopping, galloping, stopping and then galloping more. I also have great memories of first eventing outing of this season in the rain when he went around like he had been doing it forever. The feeling of crossing the finish line on a horse who truly loves x-c is pretty darn cool.

Anyway..his new owner finally got some shoes on him and has been out riding him around the fields. It has been hot and dry where she is at so she is taking it easy. She mentioned a bit about bugs and him doing a bit of a buck when a big bomber landed on his butt. We experience that a lot here and I hate it! I think she is really please with him and she is looking forward to getting her trailer ready so she can go out on some meet ups with friends.

I also got an Indy’s Wolf update. Indy was another one who spent a year with me. He also foxhunted and well as doing a bunch of other little shows. His new owners really like him and look forward to hunting him and doing some hunter paces.

It is great to get these reports on my former horses. I think each horse that I have had for CANTER has found just the right home. I have a few people interested in coming to see Rosey so I am hoping she too finds her new home soon.


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