I’m impressed!

This week has just been one where riding wasn’t necessarily at the top of the list. This humidity and thunderstorms that tend to pop up everyday at 4pm really make riding difficult.

I was going to ride Rosey yesterday but we got home late from our track visit and by the time we finished up farm chores it was already 7pm and I was exhausted! We got slammed by some more storms today but they passed over just leaving it feeling like a sauna. Rosey was happy to come in for some attention.

This mare is just so fun! She didn’t forget a thing and went around so soft and relaxed. Right now I am riding her in a myler comfort snaffle which she seems to like. I am working on getting her a bit softer in the bend each direction with some slight flexions and baby lateral work. She is good off the leg just a bit unsure of what to do. Overall, it just feels like she doesn’t steer as well as she could so I really get both legs around her and make her understand she must stay straight between the hand and the leg.

She struggles with the transition from trot to canter wanting to rush into it so I need to get the dressage whip to tune up this transition. She understands I am asking her to canter but the response is just not sharp enough. I find it hard to use the jumping bat in the same way. I really want her to understand the leg means canter not trot faster. I will use it a bit sharp and praise her for a quick response until she understand what I am asking.

I didn’t know what to expect with the jumping today but boy did she impress me. She didn’t blink an eye at anything and stayed right in the middle with no refusals. She was forward thinking and I could feel how great she was jumping underneath me. I am still trotting everything and probably will be for a bit longer until she understands how to stay straight. I think my student is still learning how to put a horse between the hand and the leg but she has been doing good because obviously Rosey is jumping better than the last time I jumped her.

She has went from lacking confidence and understanding to now wanting to take me to the jumps. LOVE it!!! She has a great work ethic and more than anything she is just so sweet to work with. Her buddy is in the barn screaming but she could care less. She is always eager to please and I can really appreciate that in a horse. She also really thought it was tons of fun to go trotting/cantering through the huge water puddle that is in the ring at the moment.

Kurt and I love our mares because they are smart enough to use their run in shed. They hang out in there a lot to stay out of the sun, bugs and rain. I bring them in every night to feed them dinner but otherwise they are just happy hanging out.

Rosey and Bella both need shoes…hopefully my farrier and I can get something for this week.


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