Change in plans

Rosey has been coming along so quickly due to her extremely willing nature. She is very very smart! I have been riding her a few days a week and then the students get on her in between my rides when things get a bit hectic around the farm.

This week the horse that my friend is leasing from me decided it would be fun to impale himself with a stick through the coronary band. He will be fine but he also received bad news on his recent x-rays showing his bone spurs are getting bigger. He had an injury to his knee about this time last year and has been on a slow recovery plan. We had slowly increased his workouts to include jumping and longer trail rides and the bone is just not reacting well so he is getting his workouts scaled back. Friend has signed him up for Oldehope this upcoming Friday for her first event ever at Elementary but he may not be ready to go due to his foot injury.

Rosey to the rescue ๐Ÿ™‚ Let’s get her ready for elementary at Oldehope in a week. At first my friend didn’t like her. You know the whole riding green horses thing isn’t for everybody but truthfully I sent herย an email expressing my thoughts which were that at some point in time you have to LEARN to ride a green horse and push out of your comfort zone. Rosey is perfectly safe and would be a good project to slowly push out of the comfort zone without scaring anybody. She took my advice and decided to give it another shot. I helped her find the buttons and voila all of a sudden total change of heart which is nothing less than what I expect. I ride a ton of green horses and Rosey is beyond easy on the scale of green. Show her something and she picks it up right away. She is quiet, not spooky, brave and comfortable. A good jumper but won’t do anything that will scare you over a fence.

Tara has been riding her in between my rides this week. It is so interesting to watch the progression that this mare has made since her arrival. She needs a bit of a tough ride to make her understand she need to jump the jumps but let me tell you she has had a lightbulb go off recently in regards to jumping. Now she sees the jumps and is going.

Today we went off for a field trip to my mom’s house and Rosey flat out suprised the heck out of me. I would have to look back to see when she was last there maybe 2-3 wks ago but she had not a clue what a jump was. Walk jumping was the goal of that day as she said no understanding of jumps or the jumping motion. Cool..we have worked steadily on showing her different jumps and keeping them low to build her confidence.

She was cute on the flat today and of course went around without a care in the world. We warmed up over a little coop which she had walked over last time. This time she perked her ears up and suprised Tara by charging toward it ๐Ÿ™‚ We went and jumped the scarier jumps as singles first- black pipe, barrels, brick wall and flower box. She didn’t even look at them.

Well I shouldn’t say she didn’t look because we did get this funny pic of the black pipe. If you remember Rosey and I had a bit of a conversation about the black pipe in my field at home and it took me 5 min to get her over it so I will take this!

Only issue was when I raised the flower box to an oxer 2’3 maybe 2’6″ and Tara had a bit of confidence issue along with steering. Rosey needs you to ride her perfectly straight at this point. She was bulging out her right shoulder and just stopped both times but I told Tara this mare could jump that in her sleep now get her straight, look up and squeeze at the base. She jumped it so round!

I put a course together and Tara was having a bit of a panic attack because there were things she hadn’t jumped yet but I reminded her we want to practice riding an unknown course. There was a line 2 stride to a 3 stride and I told her find a point at the end of the line and use your legs to ride her between your hand and leg like a chute. A bit of low and wide hands to help guide her.

Rosey was really good! She wants to canter a bit now which is fine but doesn’t always get the spots quite there yet and hasn’t learned to rock back but heck we are just getting started! A week ago she was still trying to run out whenever she could ๐Ÿ™‚

This is one nice mare! She tries so hard and is just a fun horse to ride. She will be making her eventing debut on Friday so check back!

Why I say make sure you wait with your shoulders or else you will get jumped off. She can really use her neck and back and Tara almost got jumped out of the tack. Funny!


2 responses to “Change in plans

  1. Kym & Guinness

    Good for you Tara!! You and Rosie look great!! (a bit of a different ride than your other guy, eh?)

  2. very cute — good luck at the event!

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