First event and a ribbon!

Rosey headed off to Oldehope for her first event on Friday. She was filling in for Junior who got the stick in his foot. Tara was also doing her first event and although sometimes a green rider with a green horse is a disaster I was confident Rosey would handle herself like a pro. We weren’t wrong about that!

She got off the trailer and was just munching her hay bag oblivious to the chaos around her. Headed down to warm up for dressage and was the only horse in this small area stuffed between dressage rings and she couldn’t have been more relaxed.

Krazy TB!

This was Tara’s first ever dressage test and I thought she did well for her first time! It is hard to replicate the patterns at home even when you mark it out. I see she got a bit confused in her first turn and circle but it got better from there. We are working on converting her from the hunter perch but it still is a work in progress as it is for all of us. If she had gotten the correct lead she would have been 1st or 2nd after dressage out of 13 people but she was 4th so for the first time we will take it. Not to mention this is Rosey’s first time ever seeing a dressage ring!

The course was a little elementary where you went straight from stadium to x-c and weaved in and out of some big fields. Tara was extremely nervous and it didn’t help that the two people in front of her started off rough with a fall and then an elimination.

Rosey had her game face on and I told Tara to look up, leg on and keep her going forward. Sit back and keep the shoulders up. Rosey jumped everything like she had been doing this forever. I think she thought we were joking with these tiny fences but it is all about giving them confidence and she was very confident!

I think this says it all

She ended up 4th and I think her head might be a bit to big to fit in her helmet now. I am glad it went well she has been working really hard with the horses this summer to learn a bit of dressage and become more confident jumping out of the ring. It is easy for someone who grew up riding out of the ring but it does take a lot of practice. I can not tell you how amazing Rosey is. I realize it is just elementary but it wouldn’t have mattered if it has been Novice. This is one nice mare and she is just so calm and easy.

The goal will be to keep adding a variety of mileage to her to enhance her sellability (is that a word :)) I plan on taking her BN soon but she is also good enough with her knees to do the hunters. We will just enjoy her until she sells which is hopefully quick.


3 responses to “First event and a ribbon!

  1. What a fantastic day for Rosie and Tara! Rosie looks like she’s turning into a great little horse. I wish I had the money to bring her home!!!

  2. What an awesome little mare! She’s going to make someone a great horse. God, I wish I could send y’all my guy and have him return with her personality. I loved her expressions on the xc. 🙂

  3. I wish I could buy Rosey. And Klondike. And the new bay horse. bah.

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