A new arrival- Sea Flip

I am currently in Washington D.C. for a work trip this week so not much to report but before I left we did get a new arrival which is always exciting.  Working the Delaware Park program keeps life interesting as there is always something going on at the track that I am working on. We got word that a trainer needed some help placing a 3 yr he had that just wasn’t going to be a racehorse. We had already planned on shifting some horses around and I had a stall so of course it got filled the day it opened up.

Meet Sea Flip – 3 yr 16 h gelding.


He was so cute when arrived late at night around 8pm but a storm was approaching. He spent the night relaxing in his stall apparently he was tired as I found him flat out when I came out to feed the next morning. He clearly was not stressed by his move. He transitioned to turn out super easily.

He got his feet done while I have been gone this week and I will get started with him when I get back so I am very excited!

In other news, Archie went to the CANTER farm in Md for some more turnout time. He is coming around just needs a bit more time and we really believe it is important to give them as much time as needed.

Escape by Sea is a work in progress because she is suffering from poor quality feet which are not holding shoes. She also got glue on shoes while I have been gone so that should allow me to finally start riding her!

My goal is to get Rosey to a BN this month so the plan is for a x-c school this Sunday at Fairhill, then a clinic on wednesday with Steuart Pittman and then enter her if all seems on track. My horse finally got to his first event and went clean stadium and x-c to finish on a dressage score of 31 so I will take that for a first event! He was excellent and Carousel Park is a beautiful facility and the DVCTA runs an excellent show.

There is always a lot going on at the farm and horses coming and going. I am suprised..shocked..annoyed that nobody has called to come and see Rosey. I suppose it will be my job to prove her worth which I am happy to do. I believe she has a bit to prove and am excited to show her off.

Etrain is still hanging out getting his rest. He has some issues with his ankle and we are giving it some time before we decide what way we will go with him. He is the sweetest horse you could ever want to be around.


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