Another star at Fairhill

It seems like I am always mentioning my mom’s horse on my blog but I can’t help it. He was the first CANTER horse I had the pleasure of retraining and selling and it is so much fun to see him come along. I have seriously never met a better ammy horse then him. My mom has developed so much confidence simply because she can trust this horse to just do the job. She is moving up to novice and was jumping many of the novice fences and we had so much fun watching them go.

I get to push her a bit to do some of the bigger stuff but she can do it. One of the combinations was a rolltop to this uphill mound that had a log vertical on top of it. Kurt captured this picture which I love!

Cantering across the field

She was really worried about jumping the trakener as she has never jumped one before but Flint cantered down to it like whatever no worries just sit still and let me do my job. I want to steal her horse he is just so super cool.

I don’t think she has ever had a refusal on him at anything which is pretty amazing considering he is only a 5 yr now. We all had a blast out there schooling together. My big chestnut horse was fantastic. Hard to believe it is even the same horse. He is so confident and he has come so nicely this season. I jumped some novice fences but right now we are still making sure he stays confident so BN is our goal.


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