Another interesting trail ride

My friend Alison came over last night to trail ride with Tara and I. I was still without much of a voice but sitting around isn’t my style. Alison was on Rosey, Tara on Junior and I was riding Charlie. We set off through the woods and just casually walking and talking we are suprised by a hunter in a tree stand so camafloged I never even saw him. He alerts us it is hunting season and we say okay and walk out to the main field (state owned land) so we can stay out of the way. We ride down the edge of the field and as we turn the corner we come across another hunter this time a teenage Amish boy. He asks if we know the rules about riding on state owned land during hunting season and I tell him we didn’t realize it was hunting season and are on our way out of the field.

We have gotten tons of rain in the past month and the horses are getting attacked by mosquito’s that are the size of small humans. We go trucking down the middle of a huge open soybean field with Rosey leading the way. The soybeans are up to their belly and the water is deep. We just keep moving as we had all the hunters pissed off.

We come down the field and see the cart of the Amish boy but no horse then we see the horse tied in the woods. I am leading the way at that point and Charlie just walks by with no problems (he has grown up in a major way!). We are going through mud puddles after bigger mud puddles making our way out to the road.

Whew..we finally make it to the road when we are passed by a few cars. That is no big deals but my eyes got a bit big when I saw the bikes. A huge crowd of bikes who was not slowing down at all. (It is the Amish Country bike tour this weekend). I had no clue what our horses would do with this huge crowd of bikes riding really fast but there was no where for us to go so I just hoped they were smart about it. Wouldn’t you know that none of the horses even made a move to be scared. When the bikes went past we all looked at each other and cracked up laughing…man our trail rides are always interesting!

We just go back to the ring and finish off our ride which was fun but we really wanted to trail ride. Oh well! Alison looked adorable on Rosey and she really enjoyed Rosey. Rosey jumped the oxer with another foot to spare and lord that mare can really jump. It was a nice night with friends.

I thought that Rosey was going on trial but the potential buyers are being wishy washy at this point. They wanted me to drive Rosey halfway which I am not willing to do at this point. She is cheaper than she should be for her mileage and abilities and since when does buying a horse work like that? If you would like to take her on trial then you can come and get her. Then I got an email they are cancelling coming to get her because of Labor Day weekend so it sounds like they are flaking out. It is fine with me because all of our horses deserve the best homes and if you aren’t that serious then you don’t deserve the horse.

I am taking Rosey to the clinic with Steuart Pittman tonight and looking forward to it. Hope to have some new video to show you. She progress so fast you can’t even keep up with it!

In other news, we rode Escape by Sea last night. She has her new sigafoos glue on shoes and is feeling great. I can’t wait to show her off she is simply gorgeous and so balanced. She is going to be a very lovely prospect.


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