Rosey heads off and Escape by Sea gets started

Rosey was picked up on Saturday to head out for a short trial period. Her potential new owner is a 14 yr girl moving up from a pony to a horse. She has been riding big horses in her lessons but her mom thought the 15.2 height would make a smoother transition for her. Rosey made the trip easily and they reported she settled in well. I got a call the next day letting me know they took her to a local trail system to ride where she encountered dogs, bikes, water, canoes, people and more and was just excellent. They said she is wonderful to deal with and so sweet. She has been calling to them and I told them that was the norm for her she loves people and always wants to be the center of attention.

I got a few more pics from the clinic of her. They are cute so I figured I would share them.

Escape by Sea has gotten her expensive sigafoos glue on shoes and is feeling much better. We still have a bit of residual body soreness but I expect that. One of the biggest things people don’t understand is these horses have to do a complete body remuscling. They are racing fit and then they get turned out and you have to rebuild all that muscle over again.

I have had four rides on her now actually doing some sort of real work and boy oh boy this mare is smart! I taught her about working into the contact on ride # 2 and now she is stretching and working across her back. She lacks the forward button so I have to really push her forward to keep her from coming behind the bit but it is a work in progress and for her limited experience I will take whatever she offers up at this point. She is very balanced to both directions getting both leads and staying fairly straight. We took this video yesterday..geez I hate watching myself on video..yuck!


One response to “Rosey heads off and Escape by Sea gets started

  1. Ohhh, I loff floppy ears. She’s quite nice!

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