Saying goodbye

The decision was made to let etrain have a pain free ending. It was the right thing to do but still very hard emotionally.  Everyone always asks me if I get attached and of course I do but it is so much easier to let them go when they are moving into a new home with people who love them. I am glad Etrain ended up with me because I gave him a great few months where he didn’t have to run on a really bad ankle. He got to hang out and just be a horse and was really loved. I am really thankful to my wonderful vet, Dr. Egli, who makes these sort of decisions as easy as possible.

I tried to have a relaxing weekend and I rode Sea Flip for the first time since his arrival. Well technically I had gotten on him once right after he got here because I couldn’t help myself but I made myself give him a real break. He was excellent and we really worked on teaching him to stretch down at the trot and move away from the leg. I did a lot of very baby lateral work and he picked it up quickly.

Bella is coming along fantastic and Tara rode her a bit over the weekend and was getting a bit shocked by how big this mare can jump! I have been shocked at how well the jump chute works at teaching the horses how to pick a spot and how to get comfortable with jumping. What a great tool that I will make sure to use from now on.

I plan on working them both in the jump chute a bit more today just 10 min at most. It is easy work and keeps it low stress. As 3 yrs both of them have a very short attention span which is fine so you have to make sure to tailor the workouts to keep them short and sweet.


One response to “Saying goodbye

  1. I’m really sorry about Etrain. It was a good decision. I know technically, they’re aren’t yours, but they really are. You gave him as much love, attention, and time as any “real” owner could’ve (probably better).

    I am so sorry for your loss.

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