Flip on the flat

Sea Flip has finally gotten into a bit of real work this week. The first few rides were pretty darn funny as he was moving like a giraffee with this tight back and legs not even moving. Everyone always assumes Tb’s understand forward but many do not especially when you are actually touching the mouth with a slight contact. He strikes me as a horse who can go pretty fast when he wants to but needs a bit of understanding about how the body is supposed to work.

I have really focused on just some basic work at the walk and trot teaching him how to move laterally off the leg which I find really important for teaching them to soften the topline. You have to teach them that leg has different meanings of both forward and sideways. This can be challenging but Tb’s are smart and learn quickly. Flip is no exception to that rule and has picked up moving off the leg quickly. Not to say that it doesn’t result in an OMG why are you touching me like that reaction where he puts his head in giraffe mode and moves like a pogo stick.

I am riding the trot in a bit forward tempo even slightly rushy but that is okay in my personal line of thinking for this particular horse. You have to create a foward energy coming from the hind end to push them out to the hand. His natural reaction is to go inverted and take short steps so as I push him forward he can elongate the step and work into the contact with a more elastic back.

When he first arrived he moved like a jackhammer but everything is looking much better. I am really good at looking at the future and not worrying about what you are looking at in this moment. I currently see a body sore 3 yr who is very recently off the track and in need of lots of trail rides learning to go forward at the trot and canter. I am really good at doing that 🙂

He is super comfortable and I love his canter but he is not sure what to do with himself there. I can feel those bits where he stretches down and the stride gets longer and feels great.

What I love most about him is his personality and willing nature. He is such a fun horse to work with. I look forward to this weekend hopefully getting him out on the trails. We live on the border of the state land but hunting season has started and we already learned our lessons about ruining the hunters day by crashing through the hunting grounds. Who knew Amish could be so mean!


2 responses to “Flip on the flat

  1. ohhhh, I like him. He’s going to be very nice when he relaxes into that big step. Let me know if you think he would fox hunt.

  2. He looks great!
    If I lived in the area/was in the market for a new horse, I would snap him up in a second.
    Can’t wait to see how he progresses with a little bit of TLC.

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