Bella’s first off the farm trip

Bella took her first trip off the farm up to Janice Dugan’s for a lesson and to see an indoor. She was quieter than I even expected her to be. Unloaded and hung out in a stall while I rode and then stood perfectly to get tacked up. Was a bit wide eyed walking into the first indoor but within one minute she was very chill. Not even one spook from her. We did some very simple exercises as she has only jumped a few times. Cavalettis, then x-rails with poles in front. Then we cantered our first jumps which was suprisingly quite easy except off the right lead where she prefers to leave very LONG!!!

Janice gave Bella a demonstration on how to jump the boxes which made me laugh hysterically but Bella jumped everything so nicely. I rode like total crap. I have no idea why I am popping back in the air with my hands flying up everywhere. I hate showing my videos but look at the horse people..don’t watch me. I have been stuck on nothing but greenies for so darn long my whole riding position feels shot to hell so I have some work to do.

My horse who is still green but not as green was also lovely. I don’t write about him on here but let’s just say he has become so confident in the past few months it makes me smile everytime I jump him. Now he is starting to take me to the fences instead of me having to push, whip, spur and all that stuff. He is such a good boy and was very happy to get to ride with Bella all day.

This is one nice mare her now so I don’t fall further in love with her. We will be at the Retired Racehorse Symposium next weekend come and say hi!


2 responses to “Bella’s first off the farm trip

  1. Ashlea and Splash

    Yeah!! I didn’t realize you were going to be at the symposium this weekend! Are a couple of Canter horses going to be used for the demonstrations? I look forward to meeting you.

    Ashlea (and Splash)

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