Top Punch update & Hunting

As I listened to my friends message it was almost like I could hear her smiling through the phone. She had called to let me know that she did her first hunt on Punch and he was incredible. They had taken a lot of the young hounds out and they were really excited and silly acting. Her horse is the same color as the huntsman’s horse so Punch had to get used to a lot of hounds quickly and although his heart was beating fast he didn’t put a foot wrong.

To say she enjoys her new horse would be the understatement of the year. I am so glad that Punch has found his perfect home and I can not wait to be out hunting with them.

Speaking of hunting my club is cubbing this Sunday but I can’t go as we are off to the Retired Racehorse Symposium I believe we will be taking Top Punch and Escape by Sea (the chestnut mare). I am super excited although nervous about riding in front of crowds. Back to hunting..I hear I am getting a horse to hunt. Kid Klondike will be coming back to my farm to begin his hunting career if he doesn’t sell first. I am super excited and I have much love for the Klon. He spent 2-3 months with me but needed a bit more rest for his injury so headed back to the farm and I haven’t ridden him since. I have seen him out and about with Kelly rocking the x-c so I think he is going to love hunting.

Sea Flip went on his first trail ride over the weekend and he was excellent except for our log incident. A log had fallen over the trail and it had these spikes sticking up on it so you had only a 2ft section to step across. He was being a total butthead and not even thinking he could step over. I got off to walk over and he thought I was insane. I had Kurt tap him on the butt as I held his horse. Brillant move on my part as he said you crazy and tried to run back to the trailer after pulling away from me. Reins caught in his leg stopped him and Kurt caught him and he smartly walked back and hopped right over the log…geez you think! Just for extra measure as I was using the log as a mounting block he jumped over it again 🙂 Did I mention he is a bit of a smart ass?

He was super brave and very relaxed about the whole trail riding thing. We had a nice walk/trot going through some puddles and over tiny little logs to make a point he can do that. He walked nicely over the log on the way home and loaded up nicely on the trailer. I really like him and think he is going to be something very special. He is just a 3yr right now!


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