New horse arrival- papedontsaythat

Yesterday was a really fun day at the farm. I seriously love working with CANTER because when we get new horses in I feel like I am personally getting a present just for ME even when they are not my horses. The process of seeing them come right from the track and taking them through the initial retraining is so much fun and I can’t help but to get excited about it. 

He arrived around 7pm last night with another horse from the same trainer that a friend bought and is stashing at my farm until she can pick him up. The both walked in and settled in nicely. Pape is even better looking in person if that is possible and huge! He has an old bow on the left front but it is small and bow’s are no biggie in my personal opinion.

Can’t wait to go home and turn him out to see what he moves like. I will be sure to post more pics soon!


2 responses to “New horse arrival- papedontsaythat

  1. Ashlea and Splash

    Better looking in person? I’m not sure if that is possible.


    Ashlea and Splash

  2. Oh my :drools: I am going to be watching Pape for sure. (I don’t need another horse. I don’t need another horse)

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