Another new horse..well not really

When you sell a horse you always try to make the best possible match between horse and rider. When something goes wrong you do your best to make the situation right or at least I can say that I do. The horse world is a small world and your reputation is everything especially when it comes to buying and selling horses.

Morethanalittle was a horse that came through CANTER but was bought by a friend of Allie’s who then sent him to me for retraining. He arrived in June of 2008 and I had him until March of 2009. He was one of the easiest horses that I have had the pleasure of retraining and by far one of my favorites.  His barn name was Mick or mcsexy. He was one good looking classy horse. I brought him along putting a bunch of mileage eventing, hunters, jumpers and dressage shows. He went everywhere and anywhere during his stay and progressed really quickly. He was always so quiet and willing to do his job and a pleasure to work around.

He was bought by the cutest 11yr girl you will ever meet who was a great rider. All was well at first but soon Mick started acting up in the warmup rings at shows.  He was fine at home and fine at lessons but he had her intimidated at the shows. They decided they wanted to return him so he was donated back to CANTER and arrived at my house on Friday. They could have resold him but they decided they would rather send him back and know that he would end up in a good place. He was bought for a good chunk of money so I really admire them for making the decison to do the right thing for the horse.

He will start getting evaluated here soon but I was giving him a few days to adjust. You can see why I am pretty excited to have him back again~!!




One response to “Another new horse..well not really

  1. He is just gorgeous!

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