More pics and updates

This is Humble Rick which is the horse my friend is taking. He will be heading to his new home tomorrow morning but was able to get a bit of turn out yesterday evening and is happily munching grass this morning.

First there was this

Then I had to clap to get him to move and he was more interested in grass. Very non eventful and he would have rathered I not catch him.

Pape was hilarious and basically ran in circles and fast as he could leaping, bucking and farting for about 15 min at a good clip. Athletic as hell and possibly 17h. Need to break out the measuring stick.


One response to “More pics and updates

  1. Pape is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve been looking for a big, bay with cute markings. I’m looking forward to more updates and info on him.
    It’s always exciting to have a new horse to work with! I’m jealous. My only OTTB is laid up at the moment, we were making amazing progress and now I’m wishing I had another project.
    Good Luck!

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