The tale of two 3 yr olds

The blog has lacked entries lately mainly because it insists on dumping several of inches of rain every week making my ring look more like a pond than a place to ride. It would be great for practicing jumping into water though! Footing is going to be next on the list of major farm projects but being young and just starting out I am not in a position to shell out the money for it quite yet. I want to make sure we do it right the first time and put in a nice ring with footing. My area is 100×200 so good size but grass footing and clay soil = slick!

I suppose if you want to look at the bright side of all the rain and bad footing at my house is that it forces you to pack up the horses and go on field trips. We go to the indoor but mostly just drive 1/2 hr to my mom’s farm to ride in her sand ring. It is a great outing for the horses as they have to go into strange barns and stand in the cross ties and hang out in a stall while I ride the other. Then they get hosed down and loaded back up for the ride home.

Bella and Sea Flip took the trip yesterday and exceeded by expectations which is always super cool. 3 yrs are tough because you can’t work them hard..or at least in my opinion you shouldn’t. I ride them a couple of days a week but nothing to stressful and in this footing we have missed some riding and haven’t done any jumping. With the change in weather and limited turnout they have been a bit silly but nothing horrible just babies.

It is so interesting to see the difference in horses of the same age. Bella acts like she has been undersaddle forever. She has excellent steering, brakes, soft in the bridle, super balanced and just is always focused on the job. She jumps anything you point her at and is just very professional. It is actually strange to ride her because you forget she is a 3 yr! Sea Flip is quite the opposite and falls into the category of how in the heck did they manage to race this horse. Super super well bred but acts like a 2 yr. Always wanting to bite me 🙂 He is just so wiggly and has no concentration. He is good to ride but likes to invent things to look at. Steering..what steering 🙂 He is so busy looking it is hard to get him to focus but he isn’t spooky just what I would call not interested in doing any serious work.

What is really cool is watching how his movement has improved. When these horses come off the track they are just so sore everywhere you can’t tell what they are going to look like so you just go with your gut. He has three good gaits and a really good jump through the jump chute. He spent most of our ride trying to rush around and pull me all over but no biggie!

Here is Bella

She is such a kind mare and I love how hard she tries. I am always tempted to jump a lot with her but resisted and just jumped a few little things. I haven’t jumped them at all so not fair to do a bunch just because I can. She was like pipe this looks fun. Love that attitude!

Sea Flip

He was all high and mighty which is quite the change from his lack of forward at home. He has a bit of a high head carriage but I am not worried about that at all right now. I am just riding him in the duo and letting him go forward and figure it all out. He isn’t focused enough at the moment but that is just fine. It will all come together. He is so comfortable and I love his canter. It would be nice if it wasn’t in the shape of a giraffe but there are moments that are really good. He just doesn’t understand where to put himself yet.


One response to “The tale of two 3 yr olds

  1. Ashlea and Splash

    I am SO tired of all the rain as well! You are so lucky to have an opportunity to “change locations” to ride. My boy is such a BIG mudball that I’m hoping it is warm enough to bathe him soon.

    My boy I would also swear has ADHD……even at almost 20!

    Ashlea and Splash

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