Brave mare!

Bella was a fill in at Charlie’s lesson today and I fall in love with her a bit more each trip we make off the farm. Cold morning, spooky ring, 5th trip off the farm and she is just so darn easy. She is always a bit tight and tense the first 10-15 min but it is nothing to worry about. Mainly just a bit rushy and you can’t really put your leg on her yet. We worked on really slowing down the trot. Jen thought she almost over flexes in behind and wants to be a bit squatty. Slower and steady to allow her to relax and take longer steps not quicker steps. Try to push her out in front of the vertical because she wants to come a bit behind.

I haven’t done a ton of jumping with her while working out her chiro issues so she is rusty but once again jumped everything without even a glance. She had these little boxes and a green rolltops box in front of the blue planks and Bella was all whatever about everything. I was super pleased with her. Mares really do try so hard to please! She is so bored with the little fences and no longer giving them much effort but for a 3yr bored is an okay thing in my book. Slow and steady progress remembering not to rush her just because she will jump anything.



2 responses to “Brave mare!

  1. Great job with all the OTTB’s! I have been reading your blog for some time, and it’s awesome the work you are doing with the foster horses.
    I have a question about boots. I am a plus-size rider and having a hard time finding tall show boots to fit my calf. I’ve looked online everywhere I can think of to find some that will measure out right. I am wondering if you might be able to tell me where you got yours? Did they fit right out of the box, or am I ultimately going to have to have some modifications done? Thanks for your help, and keep up the good work with the horses. You’re so lucky, getting to work with so many great horses.

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