Escape by Sea aka Bella is sold

Bella had left to go on trial right before that last little tropical storm hit us and we got over 6″ of rain. Her new owner had emailed to let me know they loved her and wanted to buy her but I got the chance to catch up with her at today’s mock hunt to confirm that she is truly happy with her. She had really nice things to say about her both undersaddle and to work around. I feel a huge void in my barn right now with no CANTER horses at the moment. Now, that is sure to change but for the moment I only have one TB!! Yes, there is just something not right about that. I am boarding a lovely mare who came from delaware park and will be moving to Canada to be a broodmare. The plan is that she will have lovely babies that hopefully grow up to be big time event horses.

I will know a bit more about Sea Flip later in the week but I have gotten really great reports on him as well. I feel like my kid’s have grown up and went off to school or something..not that I would know anything about having kids but to me horses are my kids 🙂

My hubby and I went to a mock foxhunt sponsored by Wicomico Hunt Club (who I ride with) and it was so much fun. Our horses were much better behaved today and it was a wonderful way to learn about foxhunting without having to much environment to deal with. I will be foxhunting my conn/tb tomorrow to see if he will improve as we go along. I also plan on hunting on Thanksgiving morning as well. I really want him to like hunting but the jury is still out. He likes it a bit to much right now 🙂

Everyone talks about how hot ottb’s can be and how they don’t do well in group situations. I always try to remind people that I could say that about any breed of horse and therefore try to keep an open mind. I hunted three young green tb’s last year who all took to hunting with ease. My two well trained show horses are proving to me much more difficult this season. I am always one for a challenge so let’s hope I stay aboard and show them hunting is fun not a race 🙂


2 responses to “Escape by Sea aka Bella is sold

  1. great to see you out hunting on Sunday, Bella is going great new aluminums on front giving her a bit more reach she is so relaxed and kind everyone loves her still letting her get in the grove of the farm and enjoying her thanks Jessica see you Sunday Marianne

    • So glad to hear she is doing well. She is such a sweetie and I really miss riding her. I have been blessed with some really nice horses coming through the barn but she will always stick out as one of the easiest 3 yrs. Her attitude made her fun to ride. As the world turns 🙂 See you on Sunday!

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