Check out Sea Flip!

I went for a lesson today and Mogie rode Sea Flip for us so we could see him go. He really looks fantastic and she said he has learned everything so quickly. One little incident with him being a bit wild on the Purina Ultima grain which doesn’t suprise me. You have to watch the sugar content with these guys. I took some pics and video of him but someone didn’t have the record on for his jumping which made me so angry. Still angry because lord he can jump! Oh well such it was just great to see him.

I forgot to add that what is really cool about Flip is how brave he is. Mogie told me she was heading toward his first panel jump yesterday and she expected him to back off but he didn’t even blink at it. Today, we set up the flower box and let’s just say he wasn’t scared. Instead he came out of the corner got his eye on it and totally took Mogie to it. I think she was a bit in the back seat for that one 🙂 He is extremely smart and seems to have all the things we want in an eventer. It was fun to watch him hunt the jumps down today!



One response to “Check out Sea Flip!

  1. WOW! he looks all grown up, isnt that fun! Missed out on that one!

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