A few more hunting pics



3 responses to “A few more hunting pics

  1. I’ve been a long time enjoyer of your lovely blog (and of course the awesome ponehs therein!) and just wanted to poke my head in and ask a question if you have time. I recently came into possession of a long time off the track thoroughbred (she’s my 21 year old lady), and am having a terrible time fitting saddles to her and her shark fin wither. What saddle brand do you find tends to work well for the TBs you ride? She is mainly a dressage pony, and is currently in an older Tony Slatter, but I have been looking really hard at some of the Albion high head models.
    Thanks for all of the great stories and pics of these of the track beauties, and I can’t wait to see the next batch of CANTER horses come to your place for training!

    • jessicamorthole

      I tend to look for saddles that have nice wide panels and enough gullet to allow for the spine because some of these guys are built like tent’s. I have several county saddles as it is just my personal belief that wool flocked saddles are the way to go. My horses change shape rapidly as they get into work so having a saddle that fits their current shape is crucial. I currently have a county stablizer xtr in a narrow with skid row panels and a medium wide county conquest with skid row panels. The skid row panels give you more options to padding those spaces alongside the withers and down the back that can be non existent on the horses with no muscling or the high wither horses.

      It is important to find the shape that works for your horse. I would rather have something a bit wide that I could pad than to narrow. I love the mattes correction pads and use those a lot.

      This is a great blog to read on saddle fitting info- http://www.saddlefitter.blogspot.com/

      I like the albions and most english saddle’s seem to work well for the tb’s. Black country also offers a lot of options in fitting the narrow shark fin withers.

  2. Katy,

    I have one of the CANTER MA horses, an 8 year old with the high withers and roofy back. I ended up buying a Black Country Eden (medium tree) with drop panels and wither gussets that fits him like a glove. Pricey but very comfy for me too.

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