So much for those plans

I was excited about getting some new CANTER horses but the weather had other plans for us. We typically don’t get this kind of snow in Delmarva especially central Delaware so I really didn’t believe the weather reports. We prepared ourselves just in case by filling up the truck and tractor with fuel, bedding stalls deep, moving hay from the shed into the barn, filling all water troughs to the top and making sure we had enough food because normally we don’t!

We got close to 2 ft and although I have serious hate for the white stuff I do enjoy watching the horses get turned out and play in the snow. Hubby and I spent some time taking pics of them during morning turnout and laughing at all the funny things they were doing.
Lots of rearing
Sea Flip and Navy hanging out
My three- Boppus, Junior and Charlie

This is what happens when you try to chase horses in 2 ft of snow 🙂

I convinced the hubby to go for a ride with me as I really wanted company. He then asked what my plan was for the ride and I told him we were going to ride down our road into town, go by the country store and then take a left and ride back to the farm through all the fields. For those who know me I really don’t get to nervous about the unexpected especially when I am on the back of a horse. I would rather be calm and just enjoy the ride without all the stress. Hubby is a bit opposite and was already giving me the looks before we rode down the driveway. I was riding THE BOPPUS who is an awesome ottb and super brave. Hubby was on Junior.

The ride was just wonderful if you ask me but the hubby would describe it like this. The driveway was icy so the horses were being careful. Then we get onto the road and encounter some people shoveling their driveways and they had dogs. OMG what if the horses spook at the dogs. Then we had several cars pass us and the snow was crunchy and the horses could have gotten scared. We get up to the little country store when we spotted the snow blower from hell. Time for a mass panic attack but thankfully my wife steers us into the parking lot of the country store just as the big snow plow came by plowing the road directly in front of us. Whew, survived that one. Turn the corner and their is a tractor stuck spinning all over the place OMG. Can’t really get around so we go up the snow bank OMG I thought I was going to fall right off the back of my horse. Then behind a big snow drift someone is using a snow blower. STOP the god damn blower people can’t you see I am riding a HORSE!!! Hide beside Jess and hope Junior doesn’t notice. Made it past that one! Walk a bit more and we have a mass of kids come running out to see us and people coming to their doors. Give the look of death to those kids to make sure they didn’t run to the horses and scare them. The little side road we rode down was not plowed at all so we rode in some tire tracks while the wind hit us hard in the face. We needed to cross over but couldn’t find a place to cross the tax ditch. We kept riding and we finally found a place to cross and went back up a steep bank into a huge snow drift. The horses were really struggling and Junior could barely walk through. Think about strangling my wife who wants me to take pictures when I am just trying to make it out of this ride alive.

My version- walked down the road and encountered a bit of chaos along the way but as always my horses demonstrate their brains and good training. Hubby is grumbling underneath his breath as always. Why doesn’t he realize how awesome Junior is and just chill out a bit. The Boppus rocks and I am so glad he has returned from his lease. Check out this open field with 2ft of snow it would be fun to trot and canter across it but hubby will murder me so I better walk. Pictures..we need pictures to document us riding in this snow as Delaware might not get snow like this for years to come. Poor horses are tired we better get them home. That was awesome and I can’t wait to do it again.

My horses are really quite sane despite their quirks. I think I could ride them anywhere and feel safe especially on Boppus he is close to fearless. Our small camera isn’t great for getting pics but I really like them even if the quality isn’t so good.


3 responses to “So much for those plans

  1. WOW! Awesome pics!! As a transplant from PA to SC I do miss riding in the snow sometimes. But then we get to ride a bit more down here so I’ll take the trade! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you!!

  2. Ok, clearly I have more in common with your husband — I haven’t wanted to ride in the snow cause Dixie has snowballs in his feet and I don’t want any slipping and sliding — official wimp.

    I have taken some pics of Dixie in the snow to send you and as soon as I am somewhere with wifi so I can send them I will. My dial-up does not like pictures and am off work this week.

    But my pics are pretty boring compared to yours. I only have pics of them munching hay and half-snoozing while catching some beams in front of their run-in. In fact, mostly they just stand by the gate waiting for me to bring them in to feed or throw more hay.

  3. Lynda Clary-Burke

    fun read, Jess, and I LOVE the pics!!!

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