Not a fun trip

Most of the people who read my blog know that I have a wonderful husband. I am constantly reminded how wonderful he is when it comes to all the little things he helps me out with. Saturday it was freezing cold and those winds were blowing so hard. I am terrified of the bay bridge let alone driving across in high winds. Kurt told me just to read my book and don’t look down 🙂 I could feel the truck being blown all over the road the whole trip but he didn’t complain.

When we got to the farm and kelly was there showing some of the CANTER horses. She looked frozen to the core and the winds were so strong they would blow you sideways. She was dressed to ride but the people were kind enough not to make her actually get on the horses in the weather. She was pointing at this horse she was returning back to the pasture and I wasn’t sure why. She and the buyers had walked over to look at some other horses and this horse was standing by the gate just loving all over me. I was trying to place how I knew the horse but really couldn’t figure it out. The horse looked like a version of the wolfman combined with a horse. His whole body was covered in really long thick hair but the bottom half of his face was extremely furry almost making him unrecognizable. When Kelly came back up I ask her where Archie was. Um, Jess that was the one I was pointing to. I had been scratching Archie and didn’t even know it was him. I wish I would have had my camera with me because if I put his picture beside the earlier pics we took of him this summer you would have no clue it was him. He is just as sweet as ever and Kelly said he was great for his trot around the field to show off for the buyers. He is a really nice horse and I hope he finds a great home.

I was there to pick up Indy’s Chic but picking out horses is a challenge. I knew she was a light bay but there were a few light bays in the mares field so I had kelly come and point her out. Let’s just say a horse looks much different in the winter and nothing like the picture that Kelly had taken of her. We visited with some of the other mares that were there. Got to see Minnie again who I adore. I met Call Sister who loves attention. Wek, is one big gorgeous girl. Lots of nice looking horses.

Indy’s Chic was really scared to get on the trailer but was very kind about the whole process. She stood there shaking as we gently moved her feet up the ramp. I could tell she was going to go on the trailer but the poor girl was shaking so hard and was really scared when she got on.

We got her on and then drove to the other barn to pick up Parker. It had been over a year since I had seen Parker but he looked great. Hanging out in the field eating on the round bale. He loaded right up and seemed excited for the journey. He has a really young looking face and this expression that leads you to believe he has a big personality.

It was in the low 20’s when we got home with winds howling. The both settled into their stalls and seemed happy to be off the trailer. Parker just loves to eat 🙂 The both got warm blankets on and I will get some pictures when it is warm enough to take my gloves off long enough to make the camera function. I do not cold + high winds. I can handle cold because you can keep moving and dress warm but that wind just cut right through your clothes making it impossible to stay warm.

Parker settled right in with the field of young tb’s. Seems to not care much about anything besides eating. He is super sweet and really likes to hang out with people. Indy’s Chic is very timid but curious. She is out with another mare that I am boarding who is a 4 yr and they have been hanging out and seemed to buddy up. She isn’t sure what to think about it all but she loves the heated water troughs. She played in there for hours and that is her favorite hang out. She looks really rough right now. It is a hard transition for horses who come off the track and then winter out but with a bit more muscle on her she will be cute. She seems to have a really sweet personality.

Hope to get some pictures soon and maybe ride them a bit this week although not sure if that will happen unless I go to the indoor. I think Parker is ready to go but I will give the mare a few days to relax and settle in.


3 responses to “Not a fun trip

  1. Looking forward to hearing about their new adventures, and seeing pics. Happy New Year!

  2. Parker would probably LOVE a field trip 🙂 Can’t wait to hear how he does!

  3. You are a braver woman than I, the WIND/COLD is unbearable!! I have to find the indoor soon, about 7 weeks to the first horse trials!! YIKES!

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