Beauty time

Today I came home and found this going on. Dug down and took out all clay/mud and putting in good fill which we are compacting. Then geotextile followed by stone dust and pea gravel.
The horses were going nuts with all the equipment so I decided no riding but instead I would get the two new horses clipped up and manes pulled. Parker has the world’s thickest pony mane! Holy hell I had to use some thinning shears just to get some sort of control of it. He just loves attention and could have cared less about the equipment. He lives to eat so I fed him treats while I worked on him. Total lovebug.
Mission complete and yes I suck at pulling manes!

Next up was Dee. I haven’t worked with her much and she is really shy to handle but once you get her out and about she is so sweet. She loved to be brushed. Boy does she have a wicked case of rain rot all down her back on both sides. Poor girl. I gave that a good curry and treatment. She is really thin and I can feel all her ribs so we shall work on that. I thought she might be a bit worried about the whole process but she seemed to enjoy the attention. Stood perfectly still in the crossties and was great with the clippers. She doesn’t know how to take treats yet so we will work on that with her.

Long but thin mane. She wasn’t sure about the flash
Enough with the pics crazy lady

Poor girl is so thin I threw on another blanket. Found a torn rambo wug and another rambo. The other blanket I had on her was rubbing her shoulders as she is so narrow and it looked painful. I spent a lot of time with her and she seemed reluctant to go back into her stall. I think I will enjoy working with her as she seems very willing to please. Indy was the same exact way so I can’t wait to see how they compare.

CANTER could use some quality blankets that are waterproof if you know anybody who has some they would like to donate. Seems like we have more horses in the retraining program and most of them get clipped so wearing blankets is necessary. Most of the horses are wearing my blankets which is no problem at all but many of them are really old and won’t hold waterproofing anymore.

I am going to try to ride Parker tomorrow if the planets align for me. He didn’t seem to be upset about the equipment so that is a plus. My contractor said he should be able to start on my riding ring after he finishes the paddocks. Happy happy!!! We are just doing the base and then letting it settle and then will add some footing later.


3 responses to “Beauty time

  1. Can’t WAIT for a ride update on Parker. Literally hopping in my seat in anticipation!

    • jessicamorthole

      Ha, I am dying to get on him. It was battle of the machinery at my place yesterday and all the horses were on edge. Not a good time to get a horse out for the first time although based on what I have seen so far he could have cared less. It was just my big red chicken that was so scared he could barely get to the barn let alone eat his dinner with the noise. Gotta try to get on today..snow is coming.

  2. splishsplashriding

    Gotta love Horseware for those TBs who are on the skinnier side! Even though my boy is now maintaining weight they are still the only blanket that doesn’t rub his shoulders and seems to fit right.

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