Okay, how has Parker not sold yet? He is seriously cooler than cool and boy can he move! His canter is a bit weak and strung out but in the field it looks good. I have ridden him twice now and he gets better each ride. Today was cold but sunny so I figured we would walk and trot just a little but as he is extremely out of shape. I really need to clip him but it seems a bit cruel to take his blanket off long enough to clip him and for the sake of my clippers he really needs a bath first. Dirty doesn’t even describe him and he has rain rot on his back and his hair is dirty when you pat him a big dust cloud comes off of him 🙂

He sort of reminds me of an overgrown pony in the way he looks and from his behavior so far. He seems very smart and he likes to test you enough to figure out if you know what you are doing. His flatwork seems really nice for a horse who has basically been hanging in the field. He is soft in the mouth and seemed fairly good off the leg. He went nicely into the contact when I got my legs on him. He was a bit nappy about going forward but hey the ground is hard so really I can’t blame him.

I did try to push him to the canter a few times and he quite grumpy and did a few crow hops and head shakes to let me know he was displeased with my stupidity. Yes, it was a bit to hard and frozen but I just wanted to feel it a little bit. He was huffing and puffing with just a few laps around so lots of trail work is in order for him!

I have the insulated ariat paddock boots and tropical rider toasties so I was quite warm. Kurt and I had just gotten back from a trail ride where we took Charlie and Boppus for some trot sets. Footing was hard there to but a bit of sand mixed in so workable. It is challenging to keep the horses working at this time of year but I am dedicated!

I have a lesson tomorrow at the indoor so I am taking Parker along with me to ride in good footing. Can’t wait to see what he is like there and maybe pop him over a few jumps. I have been told he can really jump and I believe it. He is just so sweet and his furry little face makes me want to hug him so I do 🙂


One response to “Amazed!

  1. enjoy the indoor, I did trot sets this afternoon YUCK!!

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