Fitting it all in

Everyone is asking for updates on the horses but I haven’t been able to get much riding in at all. My whole routine has changed with all the construction going on at the farm.

When we built our farm we designed all the paddocks to make it super simple and quick. The stalls all have dutch doors which lead out to our sacrifice paddocks. There are 4 stalls on each side of the barn and two stalls  share the same paddock but you can open up the gate in between to combine all the horses. Then another gate to lead out to the fields. The fields connect and you can close off one gate and open another to rotate your fields. This means I almost never have to walk in a horse from a field and their is no fighting at feed time at the gates. So easy! The horses can come and go in their stalls as they like so stall cleaning is easy mainly just picking piles here and there.

Right now the fences are taken down so my 5 min feeding routine takes 30 min to walk in all the horses and feed. I also have to water all the buckets in the barn when normally there are two water troughs and that is it. The water trough sits under the fence so 1/2 is on each side. The horses know they go outside to drink. Simple!

My normal schedule is rush home and feed quick but be on a horse by 4:15. Ride 20 min and then ride one more before I run out of daylight. Yes, I can tack/untack quite quickly. Now I get home and by the time I get done talking to the contractors, checking their work, brining horses in, feeding and watering I am out of time to ride. Yes, I could go to an indoor but I would also like to spend a tiny bit of time with my hubby who works the night shift. Normally he comes out to the barn to help with chores but he has been staying up later after he comes home from work in the morning to talk to the contractors and do minor projects to keep the work on progress.

Our paddocks should be finished today so life will get back to normal. They are looking really good! We got the gutters on yesterday which should keep all the water from flowing around the barn. The paddocks were scraped out and filled back in with fill, geotextile and we used millings for a footing. He graded everything to fall away from the barn. We shouldn’t have anymore issues with mud which will be great because the horses are going to need to be kept in the small paddocks after I replant all the grass.

The riding ring will get started either tomorrow or next week and I will have lights. Lights are going to make all the difference in the world for me to earn a bit more income riding and also ensure I have the horses on a consistent schedule. 

I have been spending a lot of time grooming both Dee and Parker who have some rain rot on their backs. They both love the attention and with the warmer weather they are going to get a bath and clip job. It has been to cold to do either so it will be a busy weekend of catching up on all things that have been put off due to cold weather. 

I had a bit of an incident with Parker over the weekend that resulted in me falling off. I was sore and bruised from him grazing my leg on my way down. It was not a big deal more of us getting to know each other and him not wanting to canter and letting me know. The thing about winter is wearing all the clothes and being out of shape makes you not stick in the saddle as well 🙂 He sort of did a prop, stop and buck which I totally didn’t see coming and I did a slow mo straddle the saddle and fall off the right side. He stood there looking at me like I was the stupid one.  Really no biggie but he has some baggage and I need to develop a plan to make him happy in his work again. So far that plan includes changing to a soft bit, chiro work and good old trail riding to make him forget about the ring for a bit.

I am so excited for this warmer weather and the possibility that I may actually be able to go fox hunting sometime this month!


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