Great way to start the weekend

It has been a crazy week for me and I was hoping it would work out that I could get Parker on a trail ride today so thankfully it did. I changed his bit to the herm sprenger duo hoping that would make him relax a bit. Tara and I tacked up the horses with saddles and put them on the trailer. It is a quick 5 min ride around the corner. I am trying to work with Parker to get him to self load. He will walk right up if you lead him but he isn’t about to walk up by himself yet. We will work on that. He didn’t want to back out of the trailer by himself the last few times but today he backed out nicely twice. I have to pull his tail each step but he is figuring it out.

He was so happy to be out on the trails. He led the way and other than giving the hairy eyeball to some of the stumps along the sides of the path he just trucked along. We only walked and trotted today as I wanted to make it a no stress ride but tomorrow I will add in some cantering and see if I can stay on this time 🙂

When we got home he finally got a bath and oh boy did he love it! He leaned into the sponge and curled his lip up as I scrubbed him. Total bliss for the Parkster. I conditioned his tail but boy is his tail thick and curly. Sprayed some good old Canter Silk detangler in there so I will tackle it more tomorrow. He even loved getting his face washed and didn’t care if I sprayed his face with the hose. Maybe he just likes the warm water but he seemed like a happy horse.

I really think he just needs his person so hopefully we can form a bond. He was 100% happier today when I rode him and just had a very relaxed feel to him. For the next month I think we will just be taking it easy to get him fit and happy again. Tomorrow he is getting clipped and I will get some pics and video as I will finally have some helpers around.

I am also getting on Dee!!!! So excited. I finally saw her trotting and cantering around yesterday and she is a cute mover. Can’t wait to see what she is all about. She is also getting her bath and clip tomorrow. She stinks.


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