Dee’s first ride

The weather finally warmed up enough for the ground to not be as hard as a rock but instead we had wet slick sticky mud. Oh well that would be softer on her feet so it was as good as time as any. First we took a few conformation pics. It is always good to have before and after shots. She is thin right now with no muscle and I almost feel bad for riding her because I am not that light. She looks like she has already gained some weight here but it will be a bit of time before she starts filling out.



I put her on the lunge line long enough to figure out that she has no clue about lunging but was quiet enough that I didn’t need to worry about that. I don’t spend a lot of time lunging horses anyway unless I think I might really need to get energy off them first.

She stood perfectly for me to get on her but she had us laughing because she is a lip clapper. The whole time she claps her lips together chomping and making all sorts of noises. Funny girl 🙂 She was super quiet and straight forward to ride. Didn’t look around at all and seemed relaxed. The only thing that struck me as strange is that when going right she almost halfpasses instead of going straight. Her head points left and her haunches are so far right it was very weird feeling. I suspect she hasn’t spent much time going right and her muscles need some work. She will get the chiro very soon. I did work a bit on leg yeilding her to the left when going right and was able to get a few straight steps and quit with that.


I am sure I had a bit to much contact but I was trying to push her straight and keep her from flying across the ring to the right.



She got a bath which she really seemed to enjoy and hopefully I will clip her tomorrow.

I also have had two great rides on Parker out on the trails. He is absolutely lovely and dead brave out there. Seems much happier in the herm sprenger duo bit and the trails made him happy. He looks so much better with his bath but we didn’t get a chance to get pics of him today.


4 responses to “Dee’s first ride

  1. Dee looks like quite a cute girl! Glad to hear that she and Parker are settling in well. I always enjoy reading about the progress that you are making with all of your “visiting” horses. 😀

  2. She is so cuuuuuuuuute! She also looks very concerned about the construction equipment. How does she feel compared to indy?

    • jessicamorthole

      She is a lot like Indy in terms of her personality and I suppose she feels a bit like him but hard to say when they are just starting out. She is not bothered by anything and happily just trucks through the big mud puddles and all the scary stuff sitting around the ring. Kurt was using the chainsaw right outside the barn and then again when she was getting untacked and she could have cared less. She is super cute undersaddle and is going to be a looker with some time under her.

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