Clipping done!

Wow, you couldn’t ask for two nicer horses to clip. Kurt clipped Parker and then I finished up his trimming. He stood so nicely and was just perfect. He loves the attention and treats 🙂 Dee was up next and I felt bad for her because her poor hair went every direction and she is thin so it was hard figuring out which way her hair was growing so you could cut. She was so nice and just loves the attention. She was leaning into the clippers a few times like she actually enjoyed it.

She looks like a horse that I want to hide behind the barn for a month or two before anybody sees her especially with the clip job that looks more like a butcher 🙂 I think she is going to be adorable in about two months but attitude is everything and you couldn’t ask for a nicer horse. I am so excited about working with her.

We are going to try to hit the local trail system tomorrow with a bunch of them. It is so muddy here with an inch of rain on top of a melting ground. Luckily the trail system is super sandy so I hope it doesn’t rain all day tomorrow. Everyone is snuggled in their stalls with lots of hay on this nasty night.


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