Finding the right buttons

It’s 7:30 am and here I am writing my blog post because I am so excited about Parker. Each ride seems to be better than the last and we are really starting to come together. Here is some video from my lesson last night with Mogie. I included the good, bad and ugly because that is what training green horses is all about. I left on the audio as well for those who are interested in the process of what we are working on.

I would like to change a million things about my position starting with my hands, arms and elbows but you know that is life. I don’t necessarily like sharing video of myself riding because I am so critial of myself but the end result of all riding is how your horse performs and I do think I am good at putting good basics on a horse and giving them the confidence to progress in their work. Parker has done a 180 from the horse he was when he arrived. He has a completely different attitude and just seems happier about life. He is working with me instead of against me.

Mogie is an excellent instructor with an eye for detail. She can instantly pick out what a horse needs and will tell you that every horse if different so be prepared to change your plan. She has given me so many different tools just because she teaches so many different ways to address the same problem. Horses like Parker can be challenging but if you are flexible in your methods and patient you can figure them out. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body he just needs to be given some direction in appropriate response.

You can hear Mogie giving me instruction but the theme of the ride was that Parker is really stuck and not willing to stretch into the contact. Ride him really forward up to the bridle and do a bit of wider hands with him to keep that steady feel no matter where he wants to go. Try to catch him with the leg and a bit of wide hand when he wants to escape and gently channel him back to forward and down.

He has no behavior in the canter so that was awesome! Each time I canter him he believes in me a bit more. He has a nice canter he just needs a lot more strength. Poor guy was exhausted with 30 min of work but I think he was very proud of himself. He is a real joy to work with and I can’t wait to do more and more. He is also nice to handle as we are loading/unloading in the dark and going different places all the time. He is so brave and nothing phases him so that is really cool.


7 responses to “Finding the right buttons

  1. Parker LOVES Jessica. He looks wonderful!

  2. I just love Parker. You are doing such a nice job with him. I can tell he is something special! Even in his green-bean moments.

  3. I knew you two would hit it off! 🙂

  4. Splishsplashriding

    He is looking great! He showed some really excellent moments there…and when he got them he looked SO proud of himself. 🙂

  5. Wow, he has some really nice moments in there. Makes me wish I was in the market for another horse now.

  6. That ride is very educational, really enjoy watching it when I am thinking of solutions to past and future rides! Love your blog, pictures and videos

  7. thanks so much for sharing this video…over the minutes, every so slowly, Parker AND you had such a change – I agree with you, Jess, you are SOOOO critical of yourself. You do such a great job with these green babies…of course, we all want to be just like you! and yes, Mogie is spot on in her slow, deliberate, precise teaching…it sure worked for Parker!

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