Damn Groundhog!

I know all of us in the Mid Atlantic region have been complaining this winter and it sure looks like we are in for more bad weather. I heard more snow tonight and another storm this weekend potentially bringing a lot of snow.

I try to keep a positive outlook and tell myself that the horses don’t care whether they get ridden or not. The issue is that in order for more horses to come in we need to sell those that we have and when you can’t train them it is awful hard to sell them! I can already sense that my spring is going to be absolutely nuts with the amount of horses and riding that is going to need to be done. I really look forward to it though especially after a long winter like this one.

The nice thing about the current horses (Dee and Parker) is that they are very laidback. Both are super quiet and sensible so I can just get on them after them having a few days off and not even think twice about it. Dee is barefoot so I could ride her yesterday in the snow and she was very good. She has such a nice outlook on life and really enjoys having something to do. Parker could care less about having a job as long as someone is feeding him he is a happy horse.

My one concern about Dee is that she isn’t a big eater. She loves her dinner consisting of senior feed, rice bran and beet pulp all made into a warm mash but she is a picky hay eater now matter what I give her. She prefers to just stand outside and look around enjoying life instead of eating. She needs to pack on some weight so I try to get as many calories into her without making that based around grain. Some of these horses just take time and I think she fits that category.

My plan is to head over to the indoor tonight to get a ride or two in. All these $15 indoor fees are really adding up this winter!


One response to “Damn Groundhog!

  1. Splishsplashriding

    Did that damn groundhog see his shadow?!?!?! AAAACCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!! I”m done with the snow! My poor boy hasn’t seen me since I don’t know when.

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