Updates on former horses

Yesterday, I was grumpy and stressed trying to figure out how to get everything done before this next storm hits. I had groceries to buy, lumber to pick up, hay being delivered, horses that needed to be transported and the list goes on and on.  This winter has made me question my sanity especially when it comes to owning and caring for a farm with eight horses.

Then I opened my email to see the title “Dixie took me on my first ever snow ride.”  Before I even read it I had a smile on my face knowing how lucky Dixie was to find his new owner and probably vice versa. Dixie’s owner had been reading my blog for a long time thinking about Dixie but wasn’t quite ready to buy. When we dropped the price she took it as a sign and was down to visit the very next week. She was looking for that all around horse that she could have fun with riding with friends, trail riding alone and maybe doing some lower level shows of all varieties. If an email could smile then I would say her’s was beaming. She described how she hadn’t really been riding Dixie due to the weather but had been inspired by posts about riding in the snow. She tacked Dixie up and started to ride in his pasture just in case he was silly but he was so calm she ventured out and rode all around in the hay-field. She sent these gorgeous pics!

Dixie was always happiest when he was out in the open and for day 1 he never cared one bit about his buddies or anything else. I could leave the whole group out foxhunting and he was totally chill about it all. I am so happy that he landed in a great home and can not wait for more reports once the weather improves and everyone can actually ride.

There is more 🙂

I got an email for Calabria Rose’s new owners as well and she is doing great. They aren’t riding much either but she is really progressing in her training and they are very happy with her.

Morethanalittle aka Mick is a horse that was CANTER owned, bought by a client, then sold and then donated back to CANTER. He is currently down in Aiken wintering with Sally Cousins. His owner is thrilled with him and I can’t wait to look him up in the results. I had him at my farm for 8 months in training and he was a personal favorite.

General Forrest is still kicking butt with his teenage owner who lives in NJ. She has been doing a bunch of pony club events with him and I believe she also trains with Sally Cousins.

Flint Hill is still with my mom and is the most awesome horse in the whole wide world or at least that is what she tells me. She is looking forward to the upcoming event season on him.

A few weeks ago at a jumper show I ran into the new owners of Total Wildcat. I didn’t post much about him because he wasn’t at my place very long. Long enough for me to determine he super quiet and easy. His new owners bought him to do both western and english and they told me he has taken right to western. They are roping off of him, doing trail classes and will be introducing him to cows. He also won his dressage class this winter with his teenage owner. Pretty cool!

Top Punch was enjoying foxhunting and trail riding with his new owner when he stepped in a hole and injured his check ligament. He is rehabbing and his owner reports the even on stall rest he is quiet to ride. She loves him and can’t wait until he is fully healed.

Escape by Sea is anything but the chestnut mare sterotype. Her new owner loves her but she has been battling an abscess or at least that is what they are thinking. I am hoping that clears itself up soon so she can get back to work with her.

I think that is all I have for now but there is nothing more exciting for me than to hear about the success of my former CANTER owned horses. I love them all like my own and I work really hard trying to find the perfect matches for them. It is always nice when the hard work pays off.


3 responses to “Updates on former horses

  1. Now – THAT was seriously cool!

    Enjoyed visiting your blog!

  2. Punch-kin is getting some of our spring fever. He is walking politely, but REALLY wants to trot.

  3. I love the updates on the CANTER ponies! It’s so nice to hear about how they’re doing. I had a huge crushes on Belle and Total Wildcat-lol.
    Keep up the good work. There are a lot of people who are owning horses vicariously through you:)
    And good luck with the snow. It’s horrible in MD now…

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