Blizzard of Feb 2010

Most of the time I think the weather men are hyping the weather just to get viewers but this one seemed pretty real. We went grocery shopping on Wednesday and Thursday I filled up all the water troughs and got the barn ready for horses to be in for a few days.

On Friday, I HAD to go move some horses. We had two horses that had been at Delaware Park and we found out they were heading to a bad place. We were able to secure them with some help from great people. They were temporarily boarded up in Fairhill, Md but really they needed them to get moved. I asked to have the day off on Friday to get this all done but I could only get 1/2 day off work so I left at noon on my way to fairhill hoping I could beat the storm. Kurt had only slept for a few hours but he agreed to come along to help. We didn’t know much about the horses or the place we were going to pick them up and he didn’t want me being stuck alone in bad weather.

With the recommendations of some other friends I had found a really lovely farm in Centreville, Md who does field board. This place is huge with the lovely fields of grass and big run in sheds. I look forward as using this place as a nice turnout facility for the horses coming off the track who need their let down time. I felt horrible dropping these two horses off who were obviously really down on their luck, thin, feet looking horrible and kind of shell shocked from their experience.

Both of them got off the trailer quietly and went straight to their hay piles.

The snow had started to come down as we arrived at the farm but it wasn’t to cold yet so we were able to get home and get all of our horses in before it really started to come down.

Our power went out about midnight on Friday and stayed out until 1:30am this morning and let’s just say that was not a fun experience. Our house was in the 40’s and I felt bad for my cats and dog! We used water from the troughs to fill buckets in the barn yesterday and our headlamps to muck the stalls and get all the barn chores done. I turned the horses out for an hour in the a.m and a little less in the p.m. just to get them to move. We have around 28″ if my measurements are accurate. Kurt spent most of last night plowing the driveway and paths in the fields so the horses could walk around.

As long as Sea Flip has his hay he is happy!
The excavator is taunting me as my riding ring will never be built!
Dee is not looking happy with things!
The barn cats seemed happy the sun was out.
from my back door

I think the plan of action today is to cook some good food and watch the superbowl. Barn work in 2ft of snow is exhausting!


6 responses to “Blizzard of Feb 2010

  1. Hey Jessica-what is the story on the new horses-they are cute. Where is that farm -looks very nice.

  2. How are those two horses you picked up before the storm doing? They just looked so sweet and trusting standing there, pleasantly surprised by all that hay in their shed!

    • They have settled in and she said the bay who was really scared and wouldn’t even let us get the blanket on is now really interested in humans and is wearing his blanket without issues! They are going to hang out a few months and just decompress from their bad experience and then I will evaluate them to see what they are all about.

  3. Yaay! So glad to hear they’re doing better.

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