So funny!

Dee (Indy’s Chic) has the funniest personality. I guarantee she is going to be an event horse because she just has the I can do it attitude. She loves water, she has been jumping the snow banks and you can see her here in the purple blanket deciding trot is for dummies. Junior is the pokey one who determines there is no need to hurry!

making her way out there

Tired already


3 responses to “So funny!

  1. splishsplashriding

    I wish I could go see my boy bounding through the snow but my vehicle is stuck on my skinny Baltimore City street.

    It is great to see the horses having fun!

  2. I’ve given up seeing my boy for a few weeks. I’m also stuck on a Baltimore street, work for the Feds so I am eagerly awaiting updates about the CANTER ponies:)

  3. Killing me! SO CUTE!

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