That was hard work!

Today was the first day that I have even felt like riding. Working in this snow is hard work and we had so much clearing to do on the farm just to get the gates functional and driveway cleared enough to get in and out of. Friday I was trying to go to work but my car was stuck on a piece of ice and just not moving. Tried sand and then cat litter but wasn’t moving. It took a good push to get me out. I am sure my boss thought I was making excuses but I really wanted to go to work and get off the farm.

My boarder wanted to ride so that provided a bit of motivation for me. I saddled up Junior after clipping him up and making him look pretty again. We rode a bit around the ring but just walking was a serious struggle. Junior is such an awesome horse with a great work ethic and he was just plowing through ears up happy to be doing something. We then decided to do a little trial ride so we rode down the driveway and about 1/4 mile of road before cutting back across a field. The plan was to make a big loop back to the farm.

Junior was leading they way and as we came across the field we must have hit a dip or a drainage ditch because he was down to his belly trying to jump up to find his footing. I thought I was coming off but I just stayed in the middle and grabbed some mane hoping he would find his footing. He is part connemara and that right there gives him awesome ability to tough it out so he floundered around and then lurched up finding something to grab a hold of and we are back on our way. WEEEEEE…that was just plain crazy.

My boarder is riding her TB who is so slow so I keep stopping to wait for her. How is is that a 15.2 short legged horse can  out walk and 16.1 h all legs tb going through 2ft of snow? We make our way to the woods which lead back to the farm when we see there is a river running through that we have to go through sort of like you go down a dip and then across the water and jump up. I ask Junior to give it a shot and he wanted a minute to think about it but then he leapt over almost leaving me flying off his tail. You have to sit back not knowing what they are going to do but sitting back when they leap leaves you in the back seat. It was crazy but I was on! My boarder decided to find another way around…whimp 🙂

We get to the gate and I have to get off to get the gate opened. Okay got it opened but am not walking the 1/2 mile back to the barn so I get Junior positioned downhill and get back on. Then I realize our electric fence is up so I have to get off to shut that. I try walking Junior back to the barn on foot but the snow his thigh high and I can’t keep up with him. I ask the boarder to lead him back on her horse and then I will catch up after I get the gate shut. I look up and he is off running back to the barn 🙂 That makes life interesting considering I can barely move through the snow. I had a 200ft walk back to the barn and I felt like I had run a marathon. She caught Junior and stuck him in a stall waiting for me and he didn’t break the reins so all was good with the world.

Got him all groomed up and still had some energy so I decided to get Dee out. I really think the barefoot horses do best..well even realized that more after the boarders horse pulled both front shoes while we were on our trail ride. They can’t move their front feet out of the way so they just yank their shoes off. Dee is barefoot so she was the logical choice. I just adore this sweet mare and she truly is a good mare. She loves her grooming but I am still not liking how thin she is. She is eating a ton but weight gain is slow. I need to be patient but I don’t like my horses being thin.

I get her out there and she is funny because she really wants to leap through the snow but she can’t quite do that. We are doing a mix between a walk and a trot and sometimes a trot and a canter. She is totally game for whatever I ask her to do so we even did some laps of trot and canter with lots of breaks in between. One lap of trotting had her panting that snow is really hard work. I rode for about 10-15 min figuring it has to be really hard on them.

I really want to ride Parker but not willing to risk hurting him at this point. Sea Flip doesn’t have any shoes so I might try him out tomorrow. He hasn’t been ridden since November so the snow will be great for keeping him quiet. I know he is going to love it. He needs a beauty treatment he has a long mane and looks like a wolfman with all his hair. I am not going to clip him but I will get his whiskers and bridle path to start. When he starts working again then I will clip him. He is really wanting something to do right now. He craves attention so I think he is bored.

If the weather stays warm we might even be able to make it to an indoor but the back roads are still really rough and driveways are icy. Not worth risking it for a little bit of riding. Spring is coming..right?


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