Underneath the blankets

I totally admit that I haven’t been doing a bunch with the horses right now. Dealing with the double whammy snow storm has rendered me uninterested in spending one additional minute in the cold.

Over the holiday weekend, I started to get a handle on my emotions and started to get the itch to ride again but with 2ft of snow on the ground it was only something to be done on horses w/o shoes and horses who were going to be okay with you asking them to plow through 2ft of snow.

I figured I could at least get everyone cleaned up trimming whiskers, pulling manes and banging tails. Sea Flip was my first victim yesterday as he looked like something that hadn’t been touched with a brush in a long time. I really don’t think I have had his blanket off since late November. He was really happy just being a horse so there wasn’t much of a need to do a bunch with him.

Wow!! He looks incredible and has grown taller and much wider. When he returned from his travels he  had lost a bit of weight. He was all legs but not a lot of body and we thought it would be best to just give him time to grow. He is now a 4yr and starting to look like a horse instead of a baby although you would never know it by his actions. He spent most of the time trying to sniff me pockets, play games with me and bite me (not mean just playful). He is great to work on all except the clipping of his bridle path which required a helper. We took some pics which I will post later but they didn’t come out very good due to grey sky’s.  I am so excited to get him started again and he really is ready to go back to work. I was tempted to ride him but I had a million other things to get done.

I took off Parker’s blanket and it look like he exploded. Allie had warned me he was an easy keeper but he wasn’t fat when he arrived. I suppose my feed program is agreeing with him based on his new weight gain. We are cutting him back ASAP! Parker just loves to eat and his feed type antics make me laugh every single night. He sees me coming and the minute I walk to the barn he starts hollering. The sliding doors are shut so I have to open them to let the horses in. The minute I open the door he comes running. He MUST beat all the other horses and be the first to get inside. He hollers the whole time I let the rest of the horses in and then starts banging his stall until he gets his food.

The hay feeders I featured in an earlier post work wonderful but we have realized the horses just eat and eat which is great for some of them but the fatties are fat. I might need to move the fields around a bit to make a fatty field and skinny field. Fatty field will get less hay (fatties are Junior and Parker).

Dee is still a skinny but it is going to take time with her. She is a narrow framed horse so she is never going to be a husky girl but she can look better than she does right now. Hoping another month or two will make a big difference. She has gotten used to having oil in her food along with rice bran. Takes her forever and a day to eat but I can live with that as long as she does eat.

The roads are clearing up so hopefully I can get out to the indoor a bit this week.


2 responses to “Underneath the blankets

  1. Delaware is NOT supposed to have winters like this. This is my first hard winter with horses and boy has it been depressing- not enough time outside and when I am, I’m freezing. And not nearly enough time with the horses- I board and sometimes the roads aren’t good enough to even think of going- I HATE WINTER… but I love reading your blog.

    • The one good thing is that at 6pm last night it was still light outside! Of course I was enjoying that fact as we pumped water out of the barn that was flooding due to all the snow run off. It is always something!

      Thanks for reading and the nice comment!

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