I survived!

You just never know what the first ride back will be like on Sea Flip. Flip is not at all mean but he is a youngster who feels good and is eating a ton of calories right now. The first 10 min of his rides are always a bit interesting and after that he settles and goes to work. I figured I would be smart and lunge him a little bit as I know they aren’t moving around much due to the snow and ice.

Have you tried to lunge a 4 yr who hasn’t worked all winter in the deep snow? Well it was just not happening. He was trying but not understanding why I would want him to trot thru this white stuff and he kept trying to pull to the one area that had melted. I couldn’t walk very well in it so I kept getting tangled up in the lunge line. I decided to quit before I fell down or he got loose.

As I predicted the first 5 minutes was quite the rodeo ride but apparently I can still hang on. He was not being bad just wanting to spook and try to buck which was thankfully not that easy in the deep snow. He took off cantering a few times with some antics thrown in heading toward the gate where it was real slippery. That wasn’t much fun at all but I kept my eyes up, heels down and seat relaxed just staying with him as he went along. I keep trotting and 5 min in he got relaxed and happy about it all. We did a few walk laps and then a bit of trotting. I had Kurt do a little video to show you what it looks like riding a 4 yr who is doing his first ride since November in the really heavy melting snow with a lot of mud underneath. He was really good for not being ridden since Nov. He is just so athletic and he felt great. Can’t wait to ride him in good footing!

We also took some new pictures of him. I have no clue how people take good conformation shots. I find it impossible to get all 4 legs in the right position and have the horse looking straight with the ears up. He loves people so he kept wanting to walk up everytime we stepped back to frame up the picture. Here are some of our attempts. Both Kurt and I tried to take pictures just to see what came out.

I ran out of time to ride Dee but took her for a walk down to get the mail. She was a ball of energy on the way back to the barn and pranced the whole way back. She has a ton of energy right now so I plan on getting her out tomorrow for a trail ride. Kurt promised me he would go so I plan on taking 4 horses out to the nice sandy trails. Should be interesting 🙂


3 responses to “I survived!

  1. You ARE amazing, you know that don’t you?! What a good boy…at the end WANTING to drop that neck and head to push from behind. I’m thinking working in the snow may be just the ticket for building strength in the rear end! Just take a look at how Flip is using those hind legs!

    • Lynda, the snow is one of the best hind end work outs and all mine that are barefoot are getting worked. Those who have shoes aren’t handling the footing very well so it is the indoor for them. When I got on him he forgot everything he knew about contact mainly because he was just so excited. It was like OMG can I run..please..let’s run. I was trying not to hold him but having to give him a firm NO we are not running contact 🙂 By the end he was back to the old horse that I knew. He can seriously move as that was him on his first ride back having all winter off tromping through very heavy wet snow. I just love him and everyone is fighting over him. I get to chose which will be fun!

  2. heh – the photo thing is just impossible. You need like a whole team of people to make it happen. That said, I’m trying to organize a photography eduction thing for volunteers in the spring or early summer, would you be interested?

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