They remembered!

Tonight, I packed up Flip and Parker for a trip to the local indoor. This is a small indoor with a lesson program so I was thinking it could be interesting since Flip only had one ride under him and Parker hasn’t been ridden in a while either.

There were already 5 people in there when I walked in with Flip. He was excited but being respectful. He wasn’t keen on walking so we just started trotting and although his head was up he was listening and trying so hard to be a good boy even though he felt like being bad πŸ™‚ I must have trotted 10 min before he took a breathe and relaxed. Then we had really nice work and he showed that he remembered his training. He has the nicest canter and is so balanced for a horse with minimal training and out of shape. He was tired at the end and totally hanging out and 5 other horses rode all around him.

Parker was up next and he was power walking down to the indoor. I was really eager to see if he had left that grumpy attitude behind. He was a total pleasure horse which was lovely to see. He no longer has the feeling of an anxious horse but was happy to hack around on a loose rein and when I picked up the reins there was minimal fussing. He went to work and was really happy about it. We had forward but not fast stretchy trot work. His canter was unbalanced but smooth and relaxed. He seemed so happy to be doing something and I just love riding him.

Both horses have the best personality and love people. I truly enjoy working with both of them and am so sad that the weather just will not cooperate. There was boot sucking mud that we had to walk through to the indoor and you can barely park anywhere. It is a real mess. Our barn is flooding again and our fields are under water. I am making a pact with myself to trailer to the indoor during the week and do condition rides on the sand trails on the weekend. Horse have to get going as the show season is right around the corner.

I am in such a better mood just having ridden again on a somewhat serious level not just trotting in the muddy snow. Can’t wait to do it again!


2 responses to “They remembered!

  1. Yay Park!!!

    • It becomes harder and harder to sell these guys. Flip and Parker are two horses that I would just love to have for myself. I enjoy riding them way more than the horses that I own which is never good πŸ™‚ Parker is very pony like and at first I thought he was complicated but I have a feeling he is going to be quite simple in the long run. He is very quiet and loves to just hang out. I hope I get to compete him a bit!

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