New homes and first trail rides

Sea Flip has only been advertised on the CANTER site and was just getting the winter to be a horse. I had a lot of people emailing about him but he hadn’t been ridden so I was holding off.  I got an interesting email from someone looking for a horse to do prelim with and her plans were to bring him along slowly while she competed her older horse. She had great trainers and loved athletic Tb’s. She didn’t seem to be worried when I told her he can be a bit silly at times and he enjoys cracking his back over the jumps just because he can 🙂 She really wanted to come and see him and I was leary because I had only ridden him twice since Nov and he wasn’t going to show his best. Oh well the horses need homes and you have to let people see them even when it isn’t perfect.

I swear he always steps up to the plate when he knows he should. We trailered over to a local indoor and it was cold and windy but he was very good. He was a bit rude on the flat trying to pretend he forgot all the flatwork but he had some really nice moments. She loved his canter which is so nice but the jumping was the highlight. I was riding him first and he came down to the first x-rail with his ears perked and taking me to it. This is a horse who has less than 30 rides on him and has been off since Nov. He is sort of freaky in his knowledge of take off distances. He doesn’t take many bad jumps and he was really trotting down and just patting the ground so softly and then boom a big jump in the air. I couldn’t help but smile!

She got on him and I could tell he liked her. I gave her a few pointers on the flat basically saying keep the contact and more leg than you think you need. If he acts mad don’t give up just insistent that he come forward to the hand and he did. She had a big smile as she cantered him around and then she started to jump. She was trying to get him in a bit awkward but she noted he really didn’t take a bad spot. I made a 2’3″ vertical and he jumped it so big and then let out a big buck afterwards. She handled it well and wasn’t phased so I knew she would be alright as that tends to be the worst of his behavior. He can’t help to be proud of himself and he jumps the jumps 🙂

She emailed this morning to let me know she wanted him and this was the most excited she has been since her first horse. I am super happy for both of them.

Today, I took Dee out for her first trail ride and her first off the farm trip since she arrived. My boarder always thinks I am nuts..well I am but that is besides the point. Nuts because I hadn’t ridden her in weeks yet I wanted to take her for her first trail ride. This is when knowing your horses comes in handy because I know Dee is a good girl and she proved me right. She loaded up with a minute or two of looking around. She unloaded nicely but was a bit fired up. I walked her around a bit and Jane held her while I tacked her up but she wasn’t being bad just looking around.

When I got on she was ready to go but I just stuck her on Jane’s horses butt and within a few minutes she was leading the way on a loose rein just as happy as can be. She was super brave and very relaxed about it all. We did some walking and trotting and she far exceeded my expectations!

A pic of her when we got back. She has put on weight and her ribs are now covered!

Headed back out to take Parker on his ride and well as a few others.


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