Poor blankets!

It was a lovely day and I got home early to get Sea Flip cleaned up before he left for his new home. I let Parker and Junior in with Dee and Navy (the two mares) and the first thing that Dee did was run straight down the field to join up with Parker. They were splashing in the water/mud and doing the whole circle and splash game. Then Dee went down and just rolled her whole body in the mud. Parker, not one to be left out, was soon down as well. They carried on rolling and splashing for the next 3o min before they went off in search of some grass.

Kurt arrived home with a horse that we are vetting for a client so we got him settled in. Hopefully, I can share a bit more about him if he passes the vet but he is really lovely so I am crossing my fingers.

Sea Flip’s new owner arrived and I apologized for her wet horse but I had to wash him quite a bit to get the mud off of him. He was happy to get on the trailer and I am sure he will love his new home. I hear he will have a pony to torment there so that should be interesting 🙂

Called the horses in for feed time and the boys and girls came flying down the path with mud flying everywhere. I ducked around the corner so I get get splatted and locked them each in a stall for dinner. Dee just loves to run and Parker always seems to bring up the rear 🙂

It was Boppus’s and Parker’s turn for the daily trail ride. They are all taking turns during the week as I got for about 30 min rides just to get them fit again. Kurt decided he wanted to ride Parker as he finds Boppus a bit to bouncy. I normally just walk and trot when I go with Kurt so Parker would be perfect for him. We had an amazing trail ride and a really relaxing time. Parker was excellent as always. Kurt commented that he didn’t spook at a thing and was really smooth to ride. I love riding Boppus he is just such a powerful mover that he takes a lot of muscle control so I can understand why Kurt wanted to give Parker a try.

We have been working with Parker to get him to self load and he is almost loading himself now which is really cool. Tomorrow, we will take out Charlie and Dee. I think..Kurt might not want to ride Charlie so maybe Junior and Dee or Parker and Dee.

As I was peeking out the door before I came in to the office I saw Parker and Dee back in the mud puddle. Those blankets are in a sad condition right now. Should be fun cleaning them up tomorrow!


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