He’s a changed man

I don’t know what the difference has been- saddle, bit, riding, chiro, feed or a program but Parker has become a different horse. It is so hard to describe how different he is to ride. He was like riding something that always was looking for a fight but waiting for you to pick it with him. He was on edge and unable to just enjoy the ride. Now he is a total pleasure horse both in the ring and out on the trails.

My mom wanted to come trail riding tonight and warned me her horse was going to be up so I picked Boppus (my horse) and Parker for my friend to ride. My friend hadn’t been on Parker before but Parker has been so perfect that I knew it would be fine. Sure enough my mom’s guy was feeling good and letting out some bucks (kicks maybe) and little spooks. Parker was happy to just trot and canter along in the back on a loose rein. He is totally unphased by other horses being silly around him.

At one point, my mom decided she needed to go for a good gallop so we just hung back and walked along happy to be riding such lovely horses. It is always a bit frustrating to me when people talk about “crazy” tb’s because I sure own a bunch that would defy that sterotype. Parker and Boppus were both decent racehorses with a lot of starts on the track and both are just relaxed and happy on the trails. I wish I could say mine had as soft as mouth as Parker but he just didn’t come that way.

My friend is out of shape and did some bouncing around on Parker but he just plugged along. My instructions were to just let him do his thing which seems to work best for Parker. We all had a wonderful ride and it was so nice to enjoy the beautiful weather. Parker needs a lot of these long trot/canter trail rides to get some better muscling and fitness. There is nothing better than good trot sets to build fitness.

He is also self loading on and off the trailer and has become much better mannered. He loves people and I love him. What a cool horse and I am really happy he is in my barn.


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