Well that was easy

I came home to a ring that had finally started construction. They were taking off the top layer. They take the dirt out via dump truck as they scrape it off which is good or else we would have huge dirt piles all over the property. We do have one really big dirt pile but that is going to be used to do some work around the pond to build up the sides.

I had someone who wanted to stop by and meet me and the CANTER horses so I showed her around a bit. She lives right around the corner from me and is a nice person looking for a good all around horse to trail ride, jump and maybe do local shows. She liked the looks of Parker and I told her about Archie and she thought she might like to see him as well.

I went and put up two jumps in the small arena. It is very small but what I have right now while the big ring is getting worked on. I wanted to see what Dee thought of jumping. I made a little x-rail and put some barrels out for later jumping dates.

Dee could have cared less about the trucks coming in and out although her buddy screaming was quite distracting. The good thing is Dee does not holler to her buddy but the buddy does keep Dee from being as focused as she could be. I didn’t do much flatwork as I wanted to ride some other horses so I just trotted around a bit and then had Kurt make a pile of poles. That was pretty uneventful.
One side up
She just sprawled over the x-rail a bit but was very willing
Off the other direction

She was not even remotely phased by the jumps and I bet she would have jumped the barrels without a second glance. I didn’t have a lot of steering though so keep it simple for now. I have just been trail riding her to build muscle so she has no real ringwork installed. I need to get to work on that ASAP! I love her attitude and how quietly she cantered away after each jump.


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