I love mares!

I get a bit frustrated that it is so darn hard to resale mares especially smaller mares. Everytime I get on Dee I think how smart, willing and quiet she is. Yesterday, we hauled her off the farm over to my mom’s house.

She always starts off a tiny bit nervous but her form of nervous is a quick walk. She did that for about 2 min before she took a big breath and relaxed. All winter we have just been trail riding her to build condition and muscle. She is still way thinner than I would like but it takes time. She has built a lot of muscle and can now carry herself. Her hind end is still weak but again it just takes time..good old time does wonders for hind ends along with trail rides, small jumps, hills and raised caveletti’s. Of course nothing beats some good stretchy flatwork.

Dee has only been in the ring twice before so this was her 3rd official ring ring ride and look at her go! She was figuring out how to stretch into the bridle and move forward. It is a bit over tempo right now but I am allowing her to go a bit more forward so she can push into the contact. She isn’t strong enough to collect yet. After I rode her then Tara got on and she was just as good for Tara and we were suprised how she just went into the contact for Tara who is not that experienced with that. She loves to jump and although the steering is lacking she is more than willing to do anything you ask of her.

Loving life!


4 responses to “I love mares!

  1. I think Dee is beautiful – not everyone needs a big horse!

    • jessicamorthole

      Anne, you got that right! I am average height but far from skinny and she doesn’t feel small. I think there are a lot of people who would feel more comfortable on a smaller horse if they gave it a try. Her little face is so cute and she makes me smile everyday when see her come running for her food. She has developed a big personality!

  2. Too bad I live in Texas – I would love to check her out for myself.
    I am also far from skinny 🙂
    I love your blog – I am getting back to riding after MANY years off, and love the details how you work the horses.
    And I also thought the pole work video was great!

  3. HI
    I saw your pics and video of Parker. My daughter is looking for an event horse/show jumper. She is 19 and looking for a horse to take to Nationals this year in pony club. Is Parker still available? We are going to south jersey tb rescue tomorrow and would love to talk to you about Parker asap, he is adorable. My cell is 484-354-4132. Look forward to talking with you.

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