Well that sucked

After a great Friday filled with fantastic rides on both horses I was truly looking forward to the rest of the weekend. My saturday started off pretty good teaching a lesson for the first time since November! My boarder traded horses with another one of my friend’s and it has worked out super well. She had a lovely older qh cross who wasn’t a fan of the dressage and my friend had a lovely quiet tb who wasn’t a fan of jumping. They traded horses and I think both got what they were looking for which is pretty darn cool. All of us are pretty excited to actually have 2 wks where we have been able to ride consistently. The horses are all a bit out of shape and the riders too 🙂 I love teaching and it is so much fun to watch the progress of horse and rider.

It was my turn to head off to a lesson with my horse. My instructor was down for the weekend from Aiken which is exciting. She is excellent and always gets me on track. My horses are the least fit of the bunch since I always tend to focus on the sales horses/paid to ride horses. I do get on mine a few days a week and that should improve now that we have more daylight. We had a fantastic lesson really working on getting him straight and coming forward across his back. He is not fit enough to come much more uphill at the moment and he is the type that needs the stretchy work. He has come so far in his training and is just a true pleasure to ride. Hard to believe he is a 6 yr this year. He is a sales horse…or so I say but I just love riding him. Here is a bit of my lesson if anyone wants to see.

A great lesson was overshadowed by our truck failing once again. On the way to the lesson, the transmission was shifting in and out. We got there and the fluid was empty. Luckily, Mogie’s husband brought us some transmission fluid and we eased home. Looks like the line is broken so Kurt will have to fix that. That meant no x-c schooling on Sunday. I was bummed but no big deal.

We got Charlie settled in and fed some dinner. We were cleaning paddocks when I heard that noise that almost always means choke. Hoping I was just imagining it I cleaned for another minute or so but then heard it again. Went off to investigate and saw Parker standing in the corner of his stall with snot coming out his nose. Gave him Ace and banamine right away but could tell it wasn’t going to resolve itself so we called the vet. It took the vet quite some time to get it dislodged (choked on wet senior feed) and it looks like he will now be off for 2wks while he gets soaked hay, soup for dinner and lots of antibiotics.

Parker is the sweetest horse and I feel so bad for him. He is so good for all his needles and this probodics paste he gets at night. I think he will be just fine but from now on it will be soup for breakfast and dinner. He is an easy keeper only eating about 4lbs of day (combo of ration balancer and TC senior) but he does need some calories besides hay when in work.

I did go to a jumping lesson with my horse on Sunday since my mom offered me a ride. I had a fantastic lesson but was a bit down in the dumps over Parker so didn’t do much else on Sunday. Just cleaned some tack and relaxed a bit which is nice. The horses are all happy to be out on grass although today I pulled them back into the paddocks since we are supposed to get rain. I am trying to protect the grass if I can. Parker is getting turned out on the big grass field so he is a happy camper 🙂


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