He’s mad now

Parker has been giving me evil looks each time he is fed with his soup breakfast and dinner. He stands there looking around hollering like I didn’t feed him. Then when he does attempt to eat he paws the ground and bangs around on the walls letting out his frustration at the water in his food. It is really quite funny to watch him.

He is a very food motivated horse which is working to my advantage right now. Kurt wasn’t feeling well last night so I had to give him all his meds by myself. I just stuck him on the crossties hoping he would stand fairly still but he is great for needles. He gets 30cc of one antibodics in the vein and then another 20cc with another antibodic in the muscle. Then a half of tub of paste probiotics. After each shot I give him a treat and that seems to do the trick. I think I could easily teach him to roll over and beg for a treat! He doesn’t seem to be to mad at me for the shots..just the watered down food 🙂

I am getting ready to put some ad’s up for Dee on the internet today as she is ready to move on to a new home. There is a little local show this weekend so maybe she can go for a trip over there. I will have to look and see how that all works out.

I put another clip of my lesson on youtube if anyone is interested. We were working on footwork using this really hard pole exercise. Charlie was really really good at it! My mom’s boy was really struggling to keep the canter through it. Looks easy but trying to ride it was way hard. My jumping is so rusty having all winter off. I am going nuts not having my ring but they are coming today and the weather looks like it is going to stay good so let’s hope it is finished within the next week or two.

Charlie has a very interesting story. He is not a full Tb or maybe he is but the breeder told me is is an oldenburg cross. His father is Sam Huff, a son of unbridled. I bought him as a 3yr to resell but got busy and decided to send him off to a sales barn. That didn’t go so well and he came back pretty messed up. It took a year to get him back to the horse he used to be and I have been having so much fun with him I have just kept going. He has mentally grown up so much over the past year that riding him has finally become enjoyable not a battle of the wills 🙂 He used to be terrified of contact to the point he either put his head on his chest, would go sky high with his head or rear up. When you asked him to jump he jumped with his head in the air almost in your lap and it was just not a pleasant experience. Just goes to show how quick a nice horse can be screwed up.

I blamed myself and vowed to restore his confidence and I think that has been accomplished. It has been a long journey but it is pretty cool seeing the difference in a horse when you know where you started. He used to tremble at the sight of a x-rail and we just came down and jumped the line of x-rail to oxer with him not even thinking. He jumped around BN last year cleanly which was a major accomplishment. He now loves trail riding and is happy in the contact. I always tend to learn the most from bringing along horses that have issues and my instructors have also enjoyed watching him progress. We all knew he was a good horse but just needed time to forget. He has the best personality and I just adore him. I really do need to sell one or both of my horses to pay for all these farm improvements but the hardest thing to do is sell them when you finally have them past the green stage. It is so nice to get on something that isn’t green or at least as green.

I love my lessons with Mogie and can’t wait until Parker is going again so she can see how far he has come along.


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