Parker and Dee rocked this weekend!

Sitting down to write up a little weekend report while I still have the energy for it. Saturday there was a hunter show locally so I decided to take Dee over to experience the atmosphere and figured I would take Parker as well just because I thought it would be interesting to see how he handled the chaos.

People were very dressed up so I threw on my jacket but my tall boots are getting fixed so we weren’t really very formal!

Dee got off the trailer with eyes as wide as can be and was sure she was at the racetrack. Tacking her up was quite funny as she wanted to stand still but couldn’t quite manage it and did some bunny hops up and down. Kurt and I were thinking it could be interesting. I took her to the outdoor ring which the racetrack goes around and she still wasn’t convinced we were not actually going to race. I walked her a few laps around and she could feel that she finally had relaxed. I don’t get nervous at all (well so I say :)) so it was not a big deal and I know my horses so I know what I can and can’t get away with. Many people were lunging but I don’t think my horses need lunging.

I got on and she was perfectly fine! She actually went to work and was very relaxed about it all. Her lips were clapping together a bit but that is her nervous habit.

They were having a little schooling break in the indoor so we went in there and this is where she really impressed me! There were tons of horses and ponies going every which way and lots of jumps crammed in there. There is an observation room along one wall and lots of people on the other side. She wasn’t bothered by any of it nor was she bothered by horses being silly around her.

I decided to pop over a few jumps and although she has only jumped plain x-rails a few times she happily jumped around a little course of x-rails decorated with flowers. Nothing seems to bother her which is so nice. She then stood very nicely on the trailer while it was Parker’s turn.

I didn’t actually show her in any classes because I thought she had enough for the day. Part of training the young horses is knowing how much is enough and not pushing to far past that limit. She got to see a lot and she was very good so best to end while you are ahead.

Parker hadn’t been ridden in a week so he came out a little fresh but fresh for him is a big trot. He was a bit stiff going to the right and I need to do a better job yielding him over. I am still really riding him forward up to the connection and I know it isn’t smooth yet but we are getting there. When he gets truly over his back it feels incredible. He enjoyed himself which was fun to see.

Today, Parker went out x-c for the first time in over a year I believe. I think Allie had taken him when he first started under saddle but it had been a long time. The interesting thing about Parker is that he is always very quiet. Doesn’t care whether he is in the front or the back of the group or if he is alone while others go jump. That makes life much easier!

He started out jumping so green it was quite a challenge for me to get it together. He was almost stopping and then jumping straight up and down partially landing in the middle of stuff. I was using my stick but he was going huh?? Just not getting it but trying hard to understand. We eventually got it worked out and he was super good. He didn’t really stop at anything but keeping his feet moving was a challenge. He loved the water and dropping down and going up the banks was really nice on him. He took his time and just popped up and down instead of launching like some of them do.

I prefer to introduce it all slowly and we didn’t jump anything to big because he was a bit cautious which is normal for a first outing. I bet next time he will come out much better. We just need to practice jumping a lot more which the weather has now allowed!


Um, look at the cute horse not a rider who got caught suprised by a huge launch!


3 responses to “Parker and Dee rocked this weekend!

  1. Looking good. I love Dee

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  3. WOW! Great job to both of them!

    And I must add in that video of Parker on the flat, there were definetly some really nice looking spells in there! Keep up the faboo work!

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