Former CANTER horse updates and current horses

Over the weekend, I went to visit the two horses that had almost made the no return trip to Canada. First post here- They are hanging out on a gorgeous farm in Centreville, Md loving life.

They have had a complete change in personality which is just wonderful to see. When they arrived you could not catch the bay horse nor get a blanket on him. Now they both wouldn’t leave us alone in the field and were so happy to get attention. We are hoping to find new homes for them. The bay has some large ankles but is sound on them. He will need a trail home. The grey is a bit sore in the knee so we are going to take a look at that and figure out what is going on. I truly think horses appreciate being saved from bad situations and these guys prove my theory!

A former CANTER owned horse is currently up for sale due to job loss. Go take a look at him here-

I also got to go x-c schooling with my mom on her CANTER horses. Flint hill and General Forrest (above link) were the first two CANTER horses that I worked with and I will always be linked to them. They came in to my farm in bad shape due to a bad boarding situation. Flint had the worst of it and was very poor, hair falling out, no muscle and not attractive. He was weak all over but his mind was always so good and he tried so hard. Someone was going to buy him but passed on him due to weak stifles. I convinced my mom to come and see him because in my opinion he was going to be the ultimate ammy horse.

I am rarely wrong 🙂 He has turned out to be an incredible horse for my mom and watching him take her around makes me want to steal him back. She used to be afraid to jump but riding Flint gives her all the confidence in the world.

I got a lovely report from Top Punch’s new owner and he is coming along really nicely. He had an injury to his check ligament possibly from stepping in a hole and had time off during the winter. He has been on stall rest and she has been riding him while on stall rest. She tells me that despite being stuck in a stall he is almost always perfectly behaved to ride. We went on a trail ride the other day and I have to say I was a bit in awe over how quiet he was heading off the farm for a walk trail ride while he has been on stall rest for 4+ months! There is always something to be said for a TB with a great brain.

At the local show I ran into the new owners of Total Wildcat. He is the cute little guy who was bought as a western prospect. He has been doing great and I see his owners all the times at the local shows. She told me he had his first experience with cows this week and did great. She was riding him in with the cows and will be teaching him to cut and some other know what western stuff which I have no clue about 🙂

There is a ton of work that goes into finding homes for the CANTER horses but it is so worth it. There is nothing that makes me happier than getting reports of former horses doing well in their new homes.


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