Bad news

Last night, was the chiropractor appt for almost everyone in the barn. Parker was quite jammed up in his neck and she thought that could have been from the choke. He must have felt better afterwards as he was snaking his neck all around and shaking his head like he had some relief. I am a believer in chiropractic especially for horses that are coming off the track and into new jobs. I have seen the difference it can make in helping them stay straight, pick up the correct leads and be willing to use their bodies.

Dee had come with a lump on her right stifle which was kind of soft but quite big. I never really paid much attention to it because it didn’t change shape with work and she wasn’t sore on it. I just thought we should take an x-ray of it before putting a bunch of time into her in case it was something. Worst fears were confirmed because she has fragmentation of the patella. In the x-rays, you could see a chip and some other fragments. Due to our findings, she will now only be a trail horse but should be just fine for that.

It makes me really sad because this is probably an injury that she was racing on and was made worse by racing. She is the sweetest mare with the best attitude. She does love the trails and is super brave and quiet out there but geez finding a trail home for a smaller tb mare is not an easy thing to do. If you know anyone looking please spread the word. She is barefoot with beautiful feet, no vices, best personality, great manners and just adores people. She has a lot of great mileage on her and should be suitable for advanced beginners.


2 responses to “Bad news

  1. Really really sucks.

    And she moves so well, too, I’m not sure if she ended up with me I ever would have bothered to get an x-ray, even though it looked funny. Amazing how tough these horses can be, and I wonder what it looked like when it first happened.

  2. I’m still in Dee’s fan club.

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